Thursday, May 15, 2008


In lieu of another post about Landon's teeth trying to kill us all and me starting to really freak out about my papers and finals and moving across the country in TWO WEEKS, here's a few google searches that brought people to my little blog:

"my wife is pregnant and the mood swings arent good"
- I'm not sure where in my blog google brought this frightened husband, but I love the way this search is worded. He's not saying "she's a b*tch" or "she's so moody and irritable I don't even recognize her," it's just a tentative "they aren't good." I kind of want to give him a hug and tell him it will be okay, but until then, be nice and patient and offer her lots of back rubs. I didn't have mood swings, but I did cry about not crying after Landon was born, so I think every woman's emotions get screwed up at some point in the process.

"can good moms have careers"
, "what's good about being a working mom?", "am i a bad mom because my baby is in daycare?", and lots more along those lines. This makes me really want to continue my blog after I start working because I probably get 2-5 searches a day asking questions like that. Yes, good moms can have careers. No, you're not a bad mother for putting your baby in daycare. And there's lots of good about being a working mom: sanity, self-satisfaction, and supporting your family to name a few.

"diet coke brownies done wrong" Is there a way to do diet coke brownies right? Because if there is a way two combine my two favorite things, I must be told immediately.

"get chlorine smell off skin"
Well, I hope you liked that chemically-laced perfume because you really can't get the smell off. Time, scrubbing, and lotion all help. But because I associate it so strongly with JP and the whole beginning of our relationship, I find it to be quite an intoxicating scent.

"i need cheese"
Who doesn't?

"pregnant and feeling fat"
Yes, I spent much of pregnancy feeling that way- especially in the beginning when you don't really have a bump, you're just getting thicker. I didn't worry about it nearly as much as I thought I would, but I still had to obsess a little. The good news is that it can all go away. I was +42 pounds the day I had Landon (a month early!) and now I'm -14. My advice is to let go, try to eat things with nutritional value, and enjoy the desserts. Your days of lingering over a brownie fudge sundae are limited- from delivery day on you'll be lucky to eat half your now cold food while standing up bouncing a baby.

"picture of a picture of a surgical nurse"
I can't help you with that, but I have to ask- do you really need a picture of a picture? I have a surgical story in pictures, but that's probably not what you're looking for.

"my fiance changed in law school"
I'm sorry for that. Law school is hard and like any trying time, it can make you stronger or expose weaknesses in your relationship you didn't realize you had. 1L year was a really difficult year for me, but it was a wonderful one for my marriage (well, except the night I made JP sleep on the cough because he implied my fall quarter grades weren't perfect. I already knew that and had just said it, but apparently he wasn't allowed to respond with anything except, "you're brilliant and awesome and pretty, here would you like some chocolate?").

"there is nothing fun about being pregnant"
I agree, except feeling the baby move. And getting to buy new clothes. Oh, and I'm usually an insomniac, but I slept like a baby while I was pregnant. I miss that a lot. But in general, yeah, it wasn't my favorite 8 months and I would like it to be JP's turn next time.

"i have two days until my law school final and haven't started studying"
Welcome to my world.


  1. Jeeze... That was the funniest thing I've read in a LOOOONG time! amazing how google works, isn't it??

  2. Hahahaha, great post! Apparently I need to start looking at my referrals, some of that's just bizarre!

  3. I hope the move goes well for you. We just successfully flew across the country with two cats, one of whom was very upset, and didn't encounter any major problems. The packing and loading end of the move went fine, too. Our stuff should be delivered Monday (knock on wood). The whole thing was not nearly as difficult as I expected. I hope your move goes off without a hitch like ours did.

  4. Isn't it odd what brings people to our blogs?

    You can definitely combine diet coke and cake mix. Not sure about brownies. I'll try and find the recipe. I had a Diet Dr. Pepper/Chocolate cake at a Tupperware party a few weeks back and it was great. Those were the only two recipes.

  5. I like that last line about what JP should've said to prevent a night on the couch "oh, and here's some chocolate"...that's hysterical! :)

    and those google searches are better than the ones that bring folks to my place, like "wine rash on chest" or "man love boobie breast button"...some of these I just don't want to know.

  6. lol, I like the idea of diet coke brownies!

  7. I've GOT to do another analytics post. People have found me through such weighty topics as "Chuck E Cheese Law"

  8. Love, love, love the new headline photo!

  9. I just googled Diet Coke Brownies and came up with quite a few recipes. Here's one:

    Apparently they're low fat too! That, of course, means you can eat the whole pan in one sitting.

  10. Ooo! LOVE the new banner! (Or whatever that part's called...) It says everything!

  11. I've been reading your site now mostly through Google Reader so I don't know how long you've had this header up now, but it is SUPER cute. :)

  12. I'm probably waaay behind in my blogger homework, but where and how do you find out what people searched to find your blog? I want to try that too!