Friday, May 9, 2008

Not So Fast

Because every other school in the country finishes up before we do, random people keep congratulating me on earning my law degree. I don't want to tell them I don't graduate until June 13, and that in fact several graduation requirements are not near completed, but it feels funny to just say "thanks". I don't think it's sunken in yet that I will be done soon- no more drives down to Hyde Park, no more briefing cases, no more studying for exams (we're not talking about the Bar yet)... I've been in school for so long it's strange to think of my life without it.

Although if I don't finish these papers I won't have to! Here is the home paper writing set-up I had going on yesterday:

Notice the large insulated cup of black tea (English breakfast with two Splenda), the cup of Fresca with ice and a straw (always a straw), nearly empty bag of Skittles, printed out research I'm verifying, laptop with about 15 Lexis windows open, comfy couch, perfect for sitting indian-style in the corner, and finally, a Landon in the lap. Landons are actually not conducive to studying, but are fantastic for a giggle break.

And if he hadn't woken up screaming at 4 AM, and continued screaming through cuddles, motrin, bottles, singing, and swaying, until 6:30 AM. I would totally recommend that everybody go get one.


  1. Man, can he kick those legs. I bet he's going to be a good swimmer! As far as the paper, just think of yourself as "The Little Lag Live That Could."

    Oh man. I wanna go buy "The Little Engine That Could" now. What an awesome book.

  2. That picture is ADORABLE. You weren't kidding. Somewhere in the past week or so, he's become a little boy!

  3. look how long he's gotten!!! no wonder you think you've got a big ol' toddler on your hands! :)

    have you guys discovered teething tablets? they seem to take the edge off, even when it might not be teeth (hey, I sometimes try all remedies when my kid loses his mind). I had to use them yesterday because Cooper was very whiney and fussy and restless, even though he was exhausted...figured if his teeth were on the move, that might be making him crazy. And the tablets manage the pain until the motrin kicked in.

  4. When did he get SO BIG!?!?!

    OMG, The Little Engine That Could, that was my favorite book growing up! When we moved to Austin I couldn't get over the Zilker train since it reminds me so much of the book.

  5. Hi. I stumbled on this blog at about 4am after googling "jeans rubber band trick" or something and I stayed all morning. Wow. What a story.

    Old people break ribs all the time from coughing! I'm so sorry for what you went through.


  6. He's such a doll! But, man, I would totally be sleeping on your couch. It looks way too comfy.