Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Day That Fun Lived (for a few hours, anyway)

One of UChicago's many mottos is "Where Fun Comes To Die." I have to say that's true much of the time (another depressingly accurate one is "Hell Does Freeze Over" - maybe they need a new marketing department...), but yesterday I took a break from my paper and spent two very fun hours with JP and Landon at the Summerbreeze Carnival in the main quads on campus. There was free food- burgers, brats, jamba juice, popsicles, cotton candy, and caramel apples, and fun- face painting, giant inflatable toys, and much to JP's delight, a mechanical bull.

Spring only recently decided to come to Chicago, and it blessed us with a gorgeous day- the kind that makes me want to cry at the thought of leaving this city. The main part of campus is really beautiful; it was modeled after Oxford and Cambridge and the Gothic buildings, bright green ivy, and brilliant blue sky all combined to a glorious effect. Landon got to wear shorts for the first time and spent a lot of time petting the grass while mom chowed down on a cheeseburger, brat, and the horrifyingly delicious fried twinkie. (It kind of makes you feel like you want to puke, but there's nothing I'd rather eat that makes me feel that way.)

JP went two rounds with the mecanical bull and the second time just jumped off when the operator couldn't throw him off. Landon wasn't too impressed with his dad's moves, but was very confused by all the clapping that didn't appear to be for him. Every time the group watching the bull riders clapped, Landon would look up with a little smile for whoever was praising him, only to be very confused when no one was nearby. I realized that I don't think he's every heard clapping that wasn't for him! (And we're easily impressed.)

All the action, colors, and grass petting completely wiped out the little man

so JP took him home while I trudged into the library to start my paper. It was a perfect midday treat, even if I'm now pretty sure I can't finish this paper by midnight. I know I could get an extension, but I also know that would be a terrible idea. This week has to be about attending my classes for the first time in a month, catching up in like 700 pages of reading, and preparing for the exams and move that are a week away. [Deep breaths] I'm just taking it one paper section at a time, and am very thankful for a few happy hours and nice weather during our last Saturday in Chicago.


  1. Aww- glad you had a fun day! Chicago in the spring is sooo pretty and you hav a beautiful campus!

    BTW: love the new blog layout!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! The campus does sound beautiful. The great thing is Austin's weather is that nice most of the year!

  3. That sounds like a great study break!

    And do yourself a favor - forget about the 700 pages of reading you didn't do. Other people's outlines, chica!

  4. Thats awesome. Sounds like a lot of fun. I am all about the fried desserts. Yum! You are so close to being done just hang in there.

  5. man, do I miss spring in Chicago.

    glad you were able to enjoy it a little before you leave...and how cute is that hat on Landon's head? LOL!

  6. I've been following your blog for a while now. Just wanted to let you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, dim as it may be right now. I graduated last year from UT Law with Balancing Act (seems so long ago) and I now live in Chicago. So, I suppose we have opposite experiences, but you'll make it. And when you get to Austin, make sure you go to 219 West on 4th Street one night because they have fried twinkies drizzled with strawberry goodness. Delicious!

  7. I'm confuzzled. I swear there were more pictures of your adorable baby before, but I must be going insane.

    Did I mention he's adorable?