Monday, May 10, 2021

Work Work Work Work Work*

*It's important that you sing the title to the tune of Rihanna's Work.

First off, it was Mother's Day when I started typing this, so Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas! To mother is a verb and there are so many ways to be one and I hope you feel honored and loved today. I am so thankful for my mom's example of mothering and so grateful for this crazy crew that made me a mom myself.
We attempted a full family picture and it went about as well as expected. This was the best our of 27. Things got better when we released the cats.
God I love them all so much.

35th time not the charm

Jumping back in time a week, I went to New York for work! This required a LOT of work before, during, and after, but with vaccines and masks and me wearing high heels, hailing cabs, and walking for miles on city streets, it felt a little bit like nature was healing.
I love that city so much.

Hotel room window view

And I loved seeing how the restaurants had improvised to create pandemic-adjusted little pods outside the dining rooms on the street. Every one was different and some were cuter and cozier than the main restaurant itself.
I got in some good pizza (twice!), yoga in my hotel room (daily! I'm back to working out everyday and damn if it doesn't feel absolutely fantastic; so annoying how good exercise is for me), long hours in a conference room high in the sky, and at least 7 miles of city walking after the day was done.
I also got to wear real work clothes (still not a real bra though; work-from-home Soma Enbliss for life; I'm not going back) and feel powerful and lawyerly and 78% more myself than I think I've felt for the last year working in my bedroom.
Day 2 (hilarious that I stand the exact way in both selfies. It's my power pose, I guess):
I got home very late Thursday night after nearly missing my flight home out of Newark thanks to traffic on the way out of the city. They were announcing last call for my flight (the last direct flight of the day to DFW, thus the Newark) while I was walking through the security scanner and then I SPRINTED the 20+ gates to my plane where a lone gate agent was looking around and about to close the door. I yelled, "wait!!!" just like I was in a movie, but unilke a movie I was still holding all the things I'd taken out of my bag for the security line, my shoes were not properly on my feet, my face was red and sweaty, and the dinner + water + m&m's plan I had before getting on the 4-hour 7-11 pm flight home very much an impossible dream.

They let me on the plane where I made it to my seat, sweating and hyperventilating behind my mask much to the concern of my seatmate who asked if I needed him to call the flight attendant, presumably for an oxygen mask. I had regained control of my breath by the time we took off and then it was the last few chapters of the latest Sarah J. Maas book, a stale half bagel I found in my bag, and 5 episodes of Younger.

I got home to a beautifully clean, quiet, sleeping house and felt my heart explode with love for my husband and partner who runs all the things so seamlessly without me. I kissed each sleeping kid, petted the pets, and walked into my room to find a low light on to welcome me home with these flowers from James and a note from Claire (because Claire can never resist a good note giving opportunity).
It was the sweetest. I love that she holds on to the "soft voice" because my voice is not exactly always soft...
For the first time ever I didn't unpack from a trip before going to bed and instead stripped off my sweaty running/travel clothes, threw on one of James's t-shirts and crawled into bed. I was immediately tucked into a cuddle and for the first time since I left Fort Worth, fell immediately asleep.

The flowers were even prettier in the morning and Milo and I shared our appreciation for the color they brought to my work corner. I worked, went to TWO corepower classes (including Yoga Sculpt which is heated cardio yoga with weights and ZOMG I forgot how hard that class is, particularly with a mask, but I feel both boneless and like I can conquer the world when I'm done), and then worked some more.
On Saturday I (you guessed it!) WORKED but then rewarded myself with a date night out with James. A patio, river view, strong breeze, delicious food, and a frozen moscow mule swirled with purple frozen margarita (from the beet-infused tequila) and a new dress (that is actually possibly a swim suit cover up) I bought on clearnce forever ago and just now got to wear. It was a 13/10 evening.
And then today was Mother's Day! I went to an early Yoga Sculpt class (addicted) and came home all red faced and sweaty to a beautiful table set by the kids with pancakes from Landon, eggs by James, fruit salad from Claire, and drinks and utensils by Cora.
As always there was a buffet of homemade cards and the sweetest notes.
I then (guess!) worked and THEN changed into my new neon striped yoga pants to go teach my first in-studio barre class in fifteen months! And my first class to teach at all in over six!
I got super nervous right before, but it went well and sweet blog reader Amanda was there on the live stream barreing away with me in sunny Florida.

I had forgotten how hard it is to work out while talking and counting though- the sweat pooled under my body on my mat was a small ocean and my elbows nearly slipped in plank, but according to Amanda the video failed to pick that up, so I just look like I have a healthy glow and not like I could wring out my workout clothes, which I could, and did as soon as I got home.

I went back to work while James and the kids made dinner and it was quite lovely to show up to a full meal all ready to eat (steak salad, my favorite thing, followed by a double doozie from Great American Cookie Company, my other favorite thing). We walked the dog, who has been attached to my shins since I got back from NY, and then tucked the kids in bed.
And now, my work done for the moment, I decided to sneak in a blog post before I go pack because I go back to New York tomorrow, this time through Friday. Five days of work clothes, shoes, yoga clothes, toiletries, and electronics in one carry-on suitcase... I'm expecting small miracles from my packing cubes... Hopefully I'll sleep better this time, I always struggle in hotels but four nights (with long work days) is a bit much to run on 3-4 hours patched together.

Hope you all have a wonderful week, see you on Saturday when I get back!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

New Babies and Other Adventures

Hello! As I always seem to say, work and life have been SO busy. Being vaccinated and gently venturing out to things like masked yoga classes whenever I can possibly squeeze one in (group classes are filling my SOUL right now and I have missed them more than I ever even let myself imagine) means that for the 1-2 hours a day I manage to not be working, I'm making dinner, picking up a kid from school or football, or sneaking myself away to yoga.

Calzone night!

I also snuck in my first haircut since June 1st last year!
And then, this past Sunday, I snuck myself all the way away to Boulder to visit my sister on her maternity leave!
For 3 days I got to snuggle my sweet baby Sage, love on my other two nieces, sister, and brother-in-law, cook great food, watch musicals and chick flicks, and even do some yoga!
My sister's family has grown to include a small petting zoo of chickens, goats, and a large family of wild bunnies that live in her front yard (you can't actually pet the bunnies, but they really add to the ambience when you look out the window).
Our yoga turned into accidental goat yoga, and being in Boulder, it felt quite appropriate to be doing something so hipster-adjacent.
We made homemade pasties and pizzas, grilled chicken schwarma, and the most delicious fancy salad for lunch.
We even left the house for an hour to become temporary Ladies Who Brunch while Sage snoozed peacefully beside us.
It was the most wonderful few days of pretend maternity leave. These visits are so special to me - to get to spend time with my adult sister and her babies and family... I need her to have that baby #4 so I can do it one more time!
And while I was there Landon had his last football game! And after freezing my way through games in the stands where he had about 20 seconds of playing time (though he had fun and learned a lot about the game and we were super glad he left his comfort zone to try it!), he closed out his last game as the first string running back, carrying the ball many times for many yards and then SCORED A TOUCHDOWN!!
You guys. James sent me this video with "touchdown!" in the text. I assumed he just meant the team - which was exciting, we'd only scored 3 all season, but then I actually watched it (I hate watching videos, I don't know why; just send me something I can read without the sound on) and you guys, it was my #35 making that touchdown!!!

I was clapping and screaming in my sister's kitchen while our pizzas cooked and I fully felt like a football mom. And now it's on to track!
Maggie's ready. She can run very fast over short distances.
I missed her so much while I was gone. If only I could put her in the overhead bin...

Like when I fly to NYC for work next week. First work trip in FOREVER, I had to order a new dress because it's possible some of my old ones don't fit, but this one makes me feel powerful and I love it with my old black blazer and the black heels I hope I remember how to wear. Fingers crossed.
And finally, I'll close with a quick peak at a new baby of our own -- please meet Milo, the 8th member of the Lag Liv family!
Milo is a one-year old Siamese mix and he is as soft and snuggly as he is handsome.
We adopted him on Wednesday from the same sweet foster mama who fostered Moose. We didn't know we needed a second cat until she texted me out of the blue a few weeks ago with a picture of this handsome gentleman and a note that he was her favorite foster cat she'd ever had and she really thought he needed to live with us and she wouldn't adopt him to anyone else. Next thing you know I had named him Milo and was deep into "proper cat introduction" research.
Moose and Milo are already best friends, chasing each other around the house, standing up tall like big bears and then scampering off again. You can tell Moose had really been missing someone who could keep up with him.
And while Maggie has maybe not yet noticed another cat lives in this house, I have no doubt she'll be delighted to find herself the lowest ranking member of a resident cat pack.
I can't wait to tell you more of the adventures of Moose, Maggie, and Milo too.

Oh and one more thing! I'm going back to teaching!! I start back at the barre at Urban Yoga teaching each Sunday from 1:30-2:30 pm CT starting next Sunday, May 9. It will be a small in-studio class (currently limited to five) and a video streaming option. For those of you I got to teach in the early part of the pandemic, I absolutely loved meeting you and would love to see you again! You can sign up now through the website or Mind Body.
And if that's not your thing, I hope that you have found what makes you feel grounded and happy. Getting back to what works for me has made me realize how very much I missed it and how groundless I felt for portions of this year. I can't wait to be back in the studio. Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Updates and Exercise!

It's Sunday and I've worked for pretty much all of it, but am taking this moment to sit with the kids to watch the latest episode of the new Mighty Ducks TV show that we are enjoying IMMENSELY. Highly recommend.
Jumping back in time to my last update, we had a great Easter with my parents!
The kids found their eggs and baskets and Maggie found a new fireplace to attempt to enter.
We cooked and played yard games and took the trio of pups on walks to the park with the kids.
In addition to the photo of me and my mom, James caught a beautiful candid photo of me and my baby. 😂
And the kids decided moments before the Easter egg hunt was the perfect time to learn how to play chess on my grandparents' giant chess set. Landon was pretty into it, whereas I just felt motivated to rewatch The Queen's Gambit.
Speaking of Landon, he is playing football!
I'm finally learning a bit about this game I've never watched before and I flinch everytime he gets hit and bounces off the grass.
The girls got to come to his game last week and spent most of it playing underneath the bleachers, paying close attention on the inside.
Cora packs a bag anytime we go anywhere and you never know what she'll pull out of it on arrival. At his game, she unearthed a tiny notepad with a tiny pencil and drew a portrait of her still somewhat tiny brother.
Claire is on the bench, litrally and figuratively, due to a sprained angle she got at recess one day after one of her best friends did the same thing. She has one more week in the boot and is thoroughly over the novelty.
Speaking of novelties, I updated my shoe collection with a few new items that I realized later perfectly reflect my current place in life. These rainbow trail shoes make my heart flutter, when 10 years ago, it was these gorgeous rainbow stacked heels I now wouldn't have anywhere to wear. I also ordered two new pairs of TOMS in gold glitter and bright fuschia for no other reason than they made me smile, and I'm pretty sure fuschia can be a neutral when you work from home.
Though I did wear heels for about 90 minutes last week!
With both of us healthy and post-vaccine #2, we dressed up and headed to our favorite restaurant to celebrate the 8th anniversary of James's swim school and my belated birthday.
It was so nice. Delicious as always, but mostly just nice to be out, with each other, chatting our way through a lovely meal.
Thanks to blog reader Kimberly's youtube suggestion, I'm the last person on earth to discover youtube makup tutorials and I feel like I've learned a lot. The Sephora spring sale was very well (or perhaps very poorly?) timed.

Also last weekend, I decided to try one of my old barre classes!
"Mine" as in I was the teacher- it was a recording from a zoom class I taught last May, and it was impossible. I cannot tell you how bizarre it is to be sweating and cursing at a former version of yourself. I couldn't even lie and be like "oh, fitness is this instructor's whole life! she works out constantly! she shuns nachos and has never born children!" NO, it's ME. And I was cheerful and chatty and counting with great enthusiasm and always starting at numbers much higher than were necessary and jesus christ I made it through the first 17 minutes before turning me off and going to brunch with friends on the gorgeous outdoor patio at Joe T's where we waited in line for 90 minutes, drank a pitcher of margaritas, and ate ALL the food.
It's super weird that some of my old work clothes don't fit.
I did finish my workout the next day and have done one in full every day since. I'm coming back and it feels good.

And at 8:00 a.m. this morning I kicked it up a notch and went to my first heated yoga class in fourteen months.
And it was more wonderful than I can say- I floated home on a cloud of sweat and endorphins and would have hugged every member of my family if they would have let me get that close to them before taking a shower.

I have missed group fitness classes so so much. They recharge my internal battery- truly they filleth my very soul- and I have missed them more than anything else during the last year+. The music, the heat, the intensity, the energy that comes from a live instructor and a group of people with a common goal. It's just beautiful. And though my muscles were so tight and nearly atrophied from sitting 12+ hours a day at my bedroom desk, I hit a headstand with straight arms and felt like I was on top of the world. In a few months I think I'll be ready to get back to teaching and I'm really starting to miss it.

Alright, Maggie and I need to get back to work- Happy Sunday (and the last day of the Sephora sale) to all!