Saturday, May 3, 2008

1 Day, 3 Eras

This post was supposed to be up on Friday, but Landon has not been cooperative. Now the congested little man is finally sleeping and I'm about to follow him as soon as I digest the giant bowl of pasta I finally got to eat (it had been mocking me from the counter for the last two hours I spent trying to put Landon down).

Law School Prom is next Friday and I can't wait. Some people are oddly opposed to the idea of Law School Prom and don't go on "principle", whatever that means, but I can't figure out what's wrong with a night of fancy clothes, friends, eating, drinking, and dancing. Last year's prom was one of the most fun nights I've had in law school (not that that's saying much... one of UChicago's mottos is "where fun comes to die" and it's depressingly accurate). 1L prom did not go as well. It turns out that spending 6 months studying in the library every night just killed the alcohol tolerance I worked so hard to build up in college. I drank a very large quantity of wine and ended the night throwing up all over me, JP, and the cab. We were still a few blocks away, so when the angry cab driver kicked us out, JP handed over all his cash in apology and then carried me the rest of the way home. Thank god he was legally bound to me because he had to have been tempted to leave my sorry self sitting on the curb. Last year I was pregnant, so the open bar was not a concern. And this year I expect that my increased wisdom and maturity, and the fact I have a baby and two papers to look forward to the next morning, will keep us all safe from $100 dry cleaning bills.

One of the best parts about prom is the prom dress shopping. Since JP was off with his boys and Landon was hanging out with his babies, I met up with a couple of friends to take advantage of the big sale at Marshall Fields on State St. (I know it's Macy's now, but it will always be Marshall Fields to me). I had $140 in Macy's store credit to use up, so it was going to be a day of shopping without spending real money! The sale was amazing; hundreds of dresses, some beautiful, some delightfully hideous, marked down enough to make them worth the expense for one night of wear. I ended up with this wonderfully "prommy", perfectly fitted, teal satin dress for $40 (originally $250).

Isn't it fun? I'm wearing my silver shoes and rhinestone jewelry and expect to have a blast on Friday. I also picked up a gorgeous pair of black satin heels for $18, marked down from $120. My companions were also successful in finding their "perfect" dress and we ended the day at my apartment cheering on Landon's nightly rolling show, eating a very random mix of pasta (I had about 1 cup left in six different boxes), and watching "27 Dresses", which was cute, but made better with the drinking of wine and eating of cookie dough.

I just had to take this picture of my counter in the middle of our get together. It captures my social life so well - a simple home gathering complete with wine for the ladies and formula for the Landon (and sadly, his formula costs a lot more than our wine). My friends stayed over until nearly midnight talking - I haven't had a female roommate since my junior year of college, so it was so fun to borrow some for a night. Not so fun was the fact that 10 minutes after they left Landon woke up crying for the first of many times. After a day of feeling very high school with the prom dress shopping, and then very collegey with the late night deep talks over bottles of wine (although in college, midnight was not a late night), the 2, 4:30, and 6 AM baby wake up calls were a sharp reminder of the grown-up present!


  1. Cute dress!

    I don't go to law school prom. The principle? I don't like to hang out with law school people enough to want to go. It goes to that "you don't poop where you eat" thing. Sure, I have a few friends in law school, but they wouldn't want to go to law school prom, either. Also, our law school prom was so bad last year the dean had to send out an email stating how disappointed he was in everybody's behavior. Apparently some kid peed himself and passed out in a coat closet, and another one peed in a potted plant. I'm just too old for that sort of stupidity. I will not NOT be peeing in any plants.

  2. There will NOT be any peeing on plants!

    I can definitely see how it would depend on your school and group of friends. I was really talking more about the people (in my school and group of friends) who REFUSE to go because it's not called something more classy like barrister's ball. I just think that's silly, and I kind of love that we just call it what it is - high school prom :)

  3. at our law school prom, people got "detained" for trying to steal bottles of liquor from the open bar. they were, to say the least, very drunk. no one would go if our's was in may, though. our's in february.

    and our's is called barrister's ball :)

  4. I LOVE law prom! I agree- what's so bad about dresses, food, drinks and DANCING! Last year law prom was so much better than any other dance I had ever been to. Minus the part about being pulled over by a cop for not having my lights on...good thing he didn't smell my breath...

    I love your dress, it's gorgeous- what a steal!

  5. The dress is gorgeous!

    At least you managed to wait until you left law school prom to yack everywhere. We have a problem with 1L's (especially 1L dates) yacking all over the venue! Ours is called Barrister's but that doesn't make it any more classy!

    Wow, peeing in the potted plant. We had a 1L date yack in a potted plant, but peeing definitely beats that one!

    It's amazing how crazy law students get at these things. I have a friend at Wake Forest, and they aren't even allowed to have a prom anymore because of incidents that occurred a couple years ago. Leave it to (future) lawyers!

  6. I love the picture from your counter ... it sounds like at least the first half of your night was flawless! man, I miss wine ... and watching movies

  7. Love the dress...that color will look stunning on you!

    Dude! we have 2 of those three bottles...okay, I kind of of those bottles...the other one is in the recycle bin at my curb. ;)

    Just curious...because I'm a nosey nosey person and have no real life of my own...what formula is Landon on?

  8. Similac Alimentum - he had to have hypoallergenic. We tried at 9 months to wean him to regular (the Nestle formula with comfort proteins), but after 1 day of a 2/3 alimentum and 1/3 regular mix he started having bad gas pains again, so we went back.

    [Big sigh...]

  9. My baby's on Alimentum, as well. The smell is so hideous, but every time we try to switch her to something less smelly and cheaper, she has problems, too. Oh well.