Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paper Writing Crime Scene


Last night at 11:58 PM, I finished paper #1. It was the shorter, 12-15 pager, and while it needs some serious editing and footnote/citation work, the bulk of the writing is done. Completing the task involved many cookies, much hot tea, and of course, Mike & Ike's; it takes a lot of energy to force such poor wording and sentence structure out of my reluctant brain and onto the paper. I got home around 1:45 but couldn't fall asleep for nearly an hour. Landon woke up screaming at 3:45 and it took both JP and I soothing him to go back to sleep around 4:30. The boys left early this morning to pick up my bar/bri books and get my tires rotated and I just woke up at 10:25!!

I feel refreshed, I feel indulgent- I feel a little less intimidated by the fact that in the next 17 days I will: start, write, and edit the big paper (both papers are due May 19); attend Env Law and Legal Profession for the first time in many weeks and try not to hyperventilate about the fact that I'm hundreds of pages behind (last class day is May 23); catch up 200 pages in M&A, the only class I've at least been attending; take three finals (May 27, 28, 30); prepare for the movers arrival on May 28 by setting aside everything we'll need to keep with us until we are reunited with our boxes on June 8; drive off into the sunset for a 17 hour trip to Texas with two cars, a baby, and a cat immediately after my last final on May 30. There's also the hearing I'm trying not to think about tomorrow*, and we're driving to a family wedding in Kentucky the weekend between my last class day on Friday and first final on Tuesday.

But having one thing done really does make it all seem possible. In fact, I now feel so much less overwhelmed I think I'll eat lunch with my boys! Hmmm, perhaps that feeling is not calm, but delusion?

*I really appreciate everyone's comments of support on that post. It was important for me to write and I think doing so worked out a lot of the built up fear and dread I was holding on to; I just had to get something less vulnerable and depressing at the top of the page because we really are doing pretty well.


  1. being able to cross something off your list must feel like heaven! You're in the home-stretch now!

  2. Wow, I am very impressed with your to-do list. But just think, in a few short weeks you will be moved in and done with law school. That is crazy. Congrats on getting the bulk of the first paper done.

  3. Baby steps. At least that's what I'm focusing on. One day at a time! :-)

    Go go go supermom!

  4. You can do it! I can't believe the end is approaching so quickly - and can't wait to hear about your continuing adventures!

  5. Yay! Trust me, email/bring that first paper in ASAP so you NEVER have to think about it again - it feels gooood. Good luck chugging through some more!

  6. yay- sleeping in is the best! breaking finals down into manageable projects totally makes it seem so much easier.

  7. Marriage, baby and law school. For some reason, even without the nightmare, I don't think anyone would recommend undertaking them simultaneously. The fact that you did, and have successfully shows how strong you are!
    Good Luck on the drive to Austin!
    Liz's Mom