Friday, February 16, 2007

Feeling Fat v. Feeling Pregnant

Yesterday I woke up and nothing fit- at least nothing with buttons and a zipper. It was quite disconcerting. I know its for a good reason and maybe its just the girl in me who always wanted to lose 5 more pounds, but I felt quite down about the fact my jeans wouldn't zip. I've only gained 3 lbs. so far, but my body has changed a lot. I swear I'm the same width front-to-back as I am side-to-side and I'm pretty sure each boob has gained 2 lbs. (JP is a big fan of pregnancy and now wants at least 5 kids). I don't have much of a belly yet, so I think that's why it feels more like I'm getting fatter and less like I'm pregnant. The pregnancy books call it getting "thicker" and that doesn't sound any more attractive. So after getting depressed by not being able to button my jeans, I decided to leave school early and go maternity clothes shopping for the first time.

Our 4-story Old Navy on State Street has a maternity section (which was all 25% off yesterday!) and I got some really cute jeans that look normal but have an elastic band at the top. They were "long" which meant someone bought them online and returned them- and they fit perfectly! Once I had them on, and I actually felt comfortable and looked cute, I was so much more comfortable with my new body. I also got several sweaters and a cute pair of grey pants. I'm really excited about the new clothes (I love shopping) and I actually felt great wearing my new outfit today. I think it was the squishing of my body into my old jeans that got me depressed. Now that I have clothes that fit, I feel so much better.


  1. So far, Eileen Fisher clothing has been a godsend in this pregnancy -- nice wool stretchy skirts and pants. It's not maternity, and it will only last so much longer (like maybe a few weeks)...but I've been enjoying it.

    I am now to the point people look and say, "Wow, the baby is really growing!" I suppose this is better than, "Wow, you've gained weight!" Except I STILL haven't gained more than a pound or two -- it's just redistributed in inconvenient ways. Grr...

  2. You learned that a lot quicker than I did! You're lucky to have an Old Navy with maternity so close by -- most of my maternity wardrobe came from Old Navy stuff online. It's always on sale and they have nice casual clothes. I'd avoid Motherhood Maternity, though -- it's tempting because the clothes are cheap and they seem to fit at first, but they're really poor quality.

  3. Does anyone here have suggestions about where to get professional/work clothes? Has anyone here tried Mimi Maternity?

  4. I bought a suit jacket from Mimi -- grotesquely overpriced for the quality, but it is a nice cut on me, even with the belly.

    Most of the clothing prices were stunningly high considering the quality of the fabrics, but they did have some good clearance prices on things.