This is a work in progress, so if you have a question, leave a comment here and I'll try to answer it!

1. Who is LL? You can get more in my "About Me and My Blog" page up at the top, but in short, I am 31, tallish, with blue eyes and red hair I wish I knew I how to style properly.. I am an enforcement attorney with the SEC, wife, and mom of two three. I have slightly pudgy black lab named Tex. I live in Fort Worth in a 70-year-old house and love it, but I left little pieces of my heart behind in Austin and Chicago. I love cookies, french fries, pens, red wine, putting things alphabetical and rainbow order, high heels, clothes bought on clearance, Democratic politics, and my Nikon D90 camera. I also love traveling, hostessing, looking up restaurant menus, being outside, reading the same books over and over again, and listening to my kids laugh.

2. So why do you have a blog? I started this blog in 2006 because I was in law school and was thinking about having a baby in the near future. I found out I was pregnant a few weeks later and I've been writing ever since. I'm not nearly as funny or entertaining as most of the other blogs I read, but my archives continue to be a resource for other law school mamas and I hope that my ongoing story as a happy working mom (most of the time) is helpful as well. It's also become a journal of our lives, such that I google my own blog all the time to remember the details of various happenings from the last five years.

3. Should I have a baby in law school? Yes, probably, if you want one. Really this is an impossible question to answer without knowing everything about you, but I understand the impulse to ask it anyway, so please see a much longer answer here. My short answer is that I wouldn't change a thing about when my children were born, and if you think you're ready to start your family, you shouldn't let law school stop you.

4. Is JP's name really JP? Nope, but it's been funny to sometimes hear the people we know in real life call him that because they read the blog. (And it's even funnier when I accidentally call him that after writing a post.)

5. Should I move to Austin?. Again, I really have no idea, but I did hear that Forbes named it the #1 city to weather the recession! For my part, I do love Austin even though I don't like the state of Texas all that much and I really had no desire to return after going to law school in Chicago. But the laid back nature, the lakes, the hills, the fantastic food, and my 10 minute commute have all combined to make a place I've come to love.

6.Will you link/write about/review my product/website/event? No. I'm sorry for the blanket policy, but there are no exceptions. I'm sure some of your products are great, but my work, my kids, my blog, and my personal email are already more than enough to manage and I've found a strict policy is the easiest way to handle all the requests. Plus, it goes along with my general policy of not accepting any advertising or money from the site. If I link to something, it's because I like it and want you to be able to see what I'm talking about. There's never any promotion code or special deal involved (like when I link to something on Amazon or when I linked to my friend's design page when she did Claire's announcements). I feel guilty enough when I go a few days without posting and I like that this is just my space to write what and when I want.

7. What's your comment policy? A friend of mine summed it up best, "Get rude, get deleted." Basically if you say something nasty to me or another commenter with absolutely no substance at all (i.e. you're not disagreeing or trying to make a point, you're just being insulting), I will delete your comment. I also delete those random, usually misspelled comments that don't have anything to do with the post, but simply try to direct people to their ad-covered blog. Most of my deletions fall into the latter category, as luckily people are very rarely pointlessly rude.

8. Why don't you talk about your in-laws? I wrote about my original stance on this here. But the situation changed, so now I don't talk about them because we haven't talked to them in seven years.

9. How long will you keep blogging? For as long as I have something to say. I think the focus will shift. As Landon gets older and exits the baby phase I've found myself sharing less about him and I'm sure I'll do the same with Claire. I try to keep this blog about me (and my babies, who until about age 3, I see mostly as an extension of me) and try to avoid telling stories that aren't mine to share.

After doing a few rounds of Q&A over the years, I've added a Q/A tag to link to all those posts.

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  1. Hi, Love your blog. Can you consider adding a tab for Barre/Fitness? Would be interested to learn more about your trials and tribulations in the fitness endeavours (be it barre, running, yoga etc.)