Friday, May 30, 2008

Last Supper

Yesterday was my last day in Chicago. I spent it organizing the nearly empty apartment, sitting in a hotel room with Landon trying to study, searching online for a new fridge because the one we ordered is out of stock (I found one, but it was $200 more and will be delivered 6 days later than we needed - argh), and trying not to let it sink in that we were moving the next day. For dinner we all went to Pizzeria Uno, a Chicago institution we hadn't been to yet. I had a Goose Island 312 beer and many slices of deep dish pizza. We discovered Landon loves black olives and lemon rinds (weird, right?). I'm really glad we're coming back for graduation in 2 weeks because this was NOT the final few days in my favorite city that I want to remember. I'm excited and happy about our move to Austin, but not nearly as much as JP is and not nearly as much as I feel like I'm supposed to be. I love living in a big city and I love living in an apartment. I love that everything is close together. JP hates all of those things. Austin is a compromise - almost small enough for him, almost big enough for me. I know it's going to be a wonderful place for us and I'll get more excited about the house once we're in it again, but right now I'm just really sad. I'm so glad I decided to accept my spot at a law school in a city I'd never been to- I may not have enjoyed every minute of school, but I'm forever grateful for our two years living downtown.

JP update: We thought he was doing better yesterday afternoon - he went to bed with a perfect 98.6 temperature, but he's been taking tylenol and ib profen on the ER doctor's orders so it might have been an artificial temp. He was sure tonight would be a normal night, but he soaked through our bed, the couch, and then our bed again, and I have a hazy memory of him standing up with a towel wrapped around him (the only dry thing left) and shivering. We'll probably be back at the doctor after we get to Texas tomorrow. Although given his obsession with the place, I wouldn't be surprised if the sickness lifted once we entered its borders.

And now I'm off to take a final I never got to study for - my last day as a student feels so anticlimactic. This really isn't the kind of student I'm used to being.


  1. "my last day as a student feels so anticlimactic. "

    I remember feeling that way as well upon finishing grad. school...goodness that was a decade ago but I remember thinking "that's it?" I worked for this piece of paper?

    Of course, you'll feel totally better when you go to the ceremony. I didn't go to mine as life was in the way. Perhaps that's why the feeling lingered for me.

    And good luck with the move, the drive down, the move in, etc.

    How was Maya's reaction to your gifts? Did I miss that post?

  2. Poor JP! I hope he feels better soon. Road trips when you are sick are no fun. Austin is a great place, but I know what you mean. We had a chance to live in Cambridge, MA instead and we would have been living in an apartment downtown and it felt so right to me. But there are lots of benefits to houses and suburbs and community pools and sprinkler parks and all that. Especially with kids!

  3. "my last day as a student feels so anticlimactic."

    Add some climax, damnit - wave a bra over your head standing in the middle of the campus or something.

    Works for me!

  4. LL,

    lurker delurking...

    has JP been tested for West Nile virus? And malaria? I know Malaria is tropical etc. etc. but was reading something about it showing up in the US now. (W.Nile already does in TX). I ask as I am not sure Drs. in Chicago would consider these hot-weather diseases - and I think you have been in TX recently?


  5. traveling mercies, friend. be safe and good luck on that last exam.

  6. Good lord - I got dizzy just reading all this!! All i can is wow, you're superwoman! Sending many good vibes towards your and jp's way (and of course landon's as well - HOW cute is in those wedding pics?!)


  7. I thought I'd be the first to mention West Nile but I'm not! My husband had West Nile and I suggest you at least ask about the test. I was the one who suggested it to our doctor and it came out positive. I think it is early for West Nile this far north but if he's traveled other places, he may have been bitten by one of those nasty bugs.

  8. I can totally empathize about the last days of being a student. I pretty much phoned in my last graduate class -- I wrote a horrible paper that I didn't care about (I knew I needed a D to maintain an A-). While writing my thesis? I gave all my raw data to a friend and just trusted that her version of the stats was correct. It wasn't the type of student I was used to being, either. Though looking back, I'd already moved on in my heart as it sounds like you have, too. Good luck with the move! Hopefully it will be a really good thing for all three of you!

  9. I cannot believe it's time for you to leave Chicago...who else will I live vicariously through downtown? :)

    Lots of hugs for all of you and hopes for JP to get better.

  10. I LOVE Unos! I made homemade deep dish last night because I was missing Unos.

    Hope JP feels better soon!

    Yay for the start of your new life!