This blog is purely for fun, and also mostly so I can remember everything that happened while we were busy raising our kids. (I cannot tell you how many times I google things like the "Landon first steps" or "Claire first tooth" or go back through archives to remember old recipes I tried. It's like a google repository for our life.) I don't accept marketing offers, don't use ads ever, and generally don't use referral links. I'm not against other people doing so, that just isn't what this blog is about for me. But I do love to randomly talk about things I love or have purchased and every now and then a company will contact me after I do that offering my readers and I a deal or coupon code. Or there will be a publicly available referral program I might link to. In those cases, I figure it's an easy win-win to use the link or publish the code and I'm genuinely enthusiastic about anything I happen to write about that way.

This page will a collection of anything I've highly recommended in the past that ended up with some sort of a promotion or referral link, just in case you're ever looking for a specific item again. Or if I am...

I am obsessed with Ebates and I'm still mad it took me so long to sign up for it. It's a service where you just go to the website and sign up for an account with your name, email, and address (no financial information or links to paypal, bank account, or anything else needed). Then, any time you shop online, you go to the website, type in your store and click "shop now." That opens up a new internet window for that store, now linked to your account. So you just shop and checkout as normal, paying however you would normally pay, and Ebates tracks your total and gives you a percentage cash back. Sometimes it's 1%, other times it's as high as 10%, depending on the website and day. I've caught Nordstrom, Sephora, and Lululemon at over 5% many times and all the places I buy the kids' clothes (Target, Old Navy, Carters, Children's Place, etc.) are at least 1% and often more. Every quarter Ebates mails a check to your address with your total for those 3 months. It's amazing. I've made hundreds of dollars off my internet shopping, so really I'm making money every time I press checkout. Sign up today!

Ready to shop!

(You can also download their plugin which automatically scans any site you have open for the cashback offer and gives you a little pop-up bubble to activate your already-underway shopping trip. I love it.)

Sweaty Bands
I absolutely LOVE these headbands. After years of trying and failing to find find a headband that would stay on my narrow head, these are a miraculous unicorn that just happen to come in a crazy array of colors and patterns. I bought one, and then bought five. And then actually contacted Sweaty Bands myself to see if they offered instructor discounts and they said even better, we have an referral program, you should use it! So those links are referral links and if you use it you get 15% off your purchase!

Sweaty Band!

I've had so many readers write me after I first linked to them to say they loved them and I'm so glad that we all have headbands who stay in place now. Even better if they sparkle. (Update: now Claire keeps stealing them from my drawer and they stay perfectly even on her head- I just bought her a few sparkly ones for her Christmas stocking.)

Cabana Life
I had a basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer) diagnosed and horribly, painfully removed during the summer of 2016. I was 33 and have since had multiple spots biopsied and burned off. I now take sun protection VERY seriously and immediately after my first diagnosis embarked on a mission to find the best and cutest (priorities!) sun-protecting swimwear. And while I've found many great websites and options Cabana Life remains my favorite. Their products are really high quality and they have great patterns- I genuinely feel cute and beachy, even when covered from my neck to my wrists to my waist. I bought two of their rash guards last year and wore them all summer, in our pool, in neighborhood pools, and in the ocean and rivers in Mexico and they both still look perfect. I'm almost having a hard time justifying buying another for this year. Cabana Life reached out to offer a coupon code to me and my readers. I don't get any kind of referral for this one, I just love their stuff, so if you find something you love you can use LLSPF to get 20% off your order! They have great sets for kids too.

Head-to-toe Cabana Life for all 3 of us

Stitch Fix
I have been quite honest that Stitch Fix just didn't end up working out for me, but I think it's an awesome service if you are someone who doesn't like to shop (not me) and who doesn't have a burning need to bargain shop (definitely not me) and just want someone else to buy you fun clothing and send it to your front door. All my past Stitch Fix posts can be found here.

my fave SF shirt ever; the one that kept me going back for more

Rent the Runway
James and I got to go to a super elaborate black tie wedding in NYC last year when an old UT swim teammate got married and I faked my fancy thanks to RTR. They have gorgeous designer dresses (and bags! and jewelry!) you can rent for 4-7 days. It worked out great for me, even with a last minute dress change in their Manhattan store, and I have magical memories of my dress, my jewels, and the whole weekend.