Saturday, May 3, 2008

In Need of Baby Ambien

JP is in Austin for a boy's weekend. His best friend, who's originally from Israel, swam with JP at Texas, and now makes absurd amounts of money as a banker in Manhattan, is moving to China on Monday for some new business venture. This friend decided on Thursday that he wanted to see JP and his first American city before he left the U.S. for good. JP initially declined the all expenses paid offer because he knew I had so much work to do, but I made him go. I have girl's nights and brunches and dinner parties all the time and he hasn't hung out with his friends since our wedding. Besides, I'm going to need to stay at the law school until midnight every day this week regardless of what I accomplish this weekend, and at least this way I won't feel as guilty about it. So yesterday while I was prom dress shopping, he took off for Austin. It's the weekend of Masters Nationals so they're getting to see about 12 former teammates who currently live all over Texas and the U.S. Three of them are sleeping in our (unfurnished) house and the very hard to impress best friend called me last night with many compliments.

I'm really happy he's there. I know he misses those guys like crazy and he's having a well-deserved blast, but I am dying here. Landon chose last night to get sick and not sleep at all. He was up crying for 30-60 minutes at midnight, 2, 4:30, and finally just stayed up at 6. In the past 10.5 hours he has taken two 30 minute naps and cried most of the minutes he's been awake. How can a baby function on this little sleep? I sure can't! I know there are single parents and women whose husbands travel or are serving overseas, so I feel a little ridiculous whining when JP is almost always here - and I don't think I'd be complaining (out loud) if Landon was acting like his normal self. But he has transformed into the possessed ear-infected version of himself (I don't think he actually has one, it's just a bad cold, but I'm having flashbacks) and I'm about to sit in his crib and cry with him. The unstarted papers and the unread casebooks sitting on my desk aren't exactly helping to keep the tears at bay.

I did get a fabulous prom dress yesterday, which you'll read about whenever this child freaking SLEEPS. I have the post written but it takes too long to insert the pictures and Landon is bouncing in my lap about to run out of patience with my typing. Luckily JP lands at 8:30 AM tomorrow, so we just have to survive one more night. A night which will hopefully involve sleeping in stretches that are longer than 45 minutes.


  1. Ugh! It sounds like another ear infection.

    Heh - I must be the one you're talking about with a hubby overseas. And yes, Sumo has had an ear infection since hubby was gone . . . and yes, it sucked. I just don't understand - what about the tubes?!

  2. aw, poor guy! and poor LL!

    If you want, Fed-Ex Landon to me and we'll get him sleeping! Even though Cooper was getting up nightly up until about 4 or 6 weeks ago, he still napped well during the day. I hope this cold passes quickly. I keep wondering if there is something else that might be keeping him from sleeping well?

  3. Ouch. I feel your pain. I found that once I let go of thinking that i might sleep I felt much less anxiety about each time my child woke up. I just assumed I would be up all night, made a pot of coffee and put on a good movie, and c'est la vie. I found my obsessing over the amt of sleep I wasn't getting was worse than just pulling an all nighter. Don't know if this will help you, but since I did stay up every 3-4 nights as a resident, I know it is physically possible to function on relatively little sleep. Just make sure to get a loooong nap when JP is back in town, you'll deserve it!

  4. I am so sorry hon. You just can't seem to catch a break. All I can say is Infant Motrin.

  5. I know you don't want to hear this.

    But Grayson really didn't sleep through the night, not consistently, until he was nearly 16 months old. He just NEVER was a good sleeper. We wept. I was a zombie. And then ... suddenly ... he just did it one night.

    He has had a few setbacks, but since then, he's been a solid 10 hour sleeper. SO ... Landon will get there. Have patience. In the meantime ... do what you need to do to make it through the next few months.

  6. Long-time anon reader here - I meant to comment on another post of yours on sleep, but I wanted to warn you about Ambien for yourself. It's great here and there, but please, please take care not to get addicted. With the bar coming up, I'm sure you'll want to get solid sleep, and it could be all too tempting to take them ambien more than just occasionally. Please be careful!

  7. I took two Ambien and according to my family, came down stairs, greeted them all like I never seen them before. Then went into the kitchen and performed a kitchen show talking to myself and my new recipes. Then went back to bed. I have no memory of this.