Thursday, March 1, 2007

Not the Best Day

This morning my car got stuck in the ice halfway into a parallel parking spot behind the law school. I realized too late the spot was not quite big enough for my car (so close!) and when I tried to move forward out of the spot, my wheels spun, and there I was- touching the bumper of the car behind me, practically touching the car in front of me, and poking out into the street. I thought maybe it was a bad dream and I'd wake up and get to try again, but no. Luckily, a South Side Good Samaritan saw my struggle from his apartment window and came to move his car further up (his was the car right in front of me). Unfortunately I was still stuck, but at least I could hope the morning rain would get rid of enough ice that I could get out of the spot after class. I endured the 1 hour and 40 min. of admin and went to free my car and it worked! I was now off to my internal medicine appointment for my headaches and stomach problems.

At that office I met with the doctor who asked lots of questions and seemed to type more answers than I was saying- I found this quite funny. I'd give a yes or no answer and she'd type for like 3 min. I ended up having a bunch more blood work done (my arms are like little pin cushions) and I have to give a stool sample (ewwwww) and transport it back to the lab (EWWWW). So that'll be fun. The headaches are definitely severe tension headaches- we're trying physical therapy since I can't take the really powerful headache meds while pregnant. Apparently my back pack, laptop bag, and the way I sit at my computer are all contributing factors. I'm a big believer in non-drug treatments (although I never mind a few helpful drugs to go along with the alternative therapy), so I'm looking forward to the PT- I just wish our finals weren't in TEN days. I really don't have time for this. The stomach problems are a whole nother bag of worms and basically we're just testing for things to rule them out. I'm going to have to make an appt with a gastroenterologist next.

And the weather was just crappy- super foggy, grey, rainy, and thunderstormy. And I'm behind in securities again. And I have three finals that I haven't started preparing for. Grades really don't matter after 1L if you have a job and you don't want to clerk, right?

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  1. Maybe you should try one of those bags w/wheels. You're going to get bigger, and you don't want to ever loose your balance.