Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chicago Weather is a Tease

It was in the mid-seventies for the past few glorious days- I've shopped, read outside, and walked all around my beautiful city. Today, I wore a skirt, sleeveless top, and flip flops to school and walked with a friend to the GSB for lunch. All the way there I was drinking in the warm weather and soft breeze. After a hour-long delicious business school meal (their cafeteria is by far the best on campus, ours is by far the worst) we stepped outside to temperatures TWENTY degrees lower than when we stepped in. The breeze had turned into freezing gusts of wind and my outfit was totally inadequate- goose bumps immediately covered my entire body and we practically ran back to the law school. I was hoping the return of cold weather was a fluke, but the ten day weather forecast says it'll be in the 40's until at least April 5th, so apparently the warm weather was the fluke.

In law school news, apparently my seminar professor home bakes treats for us each week! This quarter rocks.

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