Monday, March 26, 2007

Another Shiny New Quarter Begins

I love the first day of a new quarter- new classes, new books, new professors, and catching up with classmates you haven't seen in 10 whole days. I'm actually quite excited about this quarter- for the first time I've picked classes based on how interesting they sound rather than whether or not I've been told I should take them. Picking classes based on interest is a way better system. I enjoyed the reading due today and I enjoyed both of my classes- this is a rare thing. I didn't have class until 1:30, so I did important things around the apartment this morning like re-trying on all my new clothes and looking at birth announcements online (if anyone has some recommendations, I'd love to hear them). I got to school about 11, picked up my loan refund check (yay! more shopping!), had lunch with a friend outside in the beautiful weather, and then went to class. My first one, "American Law and the Rhetoric of Race" is cross-listed with the undergraduate college and the policy school. It sounds really interesting and is more of a legal history course than a law class. The second, "Religion and the Constitution" is a regular law class but the topic fascinates me and the final is only 1-hour long and multiple choice! I wore one of my new dresses today and got lots of compliments- it was nice to feel pretty and not pudgy. It was a very good day.

Sadly, I returned home to find the construction on the road out front burst a water main and the water is now turned off. They "hope" it will be back on tomorrow. I am not happy about this, but in trying to be positive- I will get to order out dinner guilt-free tonight and it will motivate me to go to the gym in the morning because that's the only way I can take a shower. Now I'm off to physical therapy for my headaches. I've had a few sessions and really love my therapist- I think her stretches and exercises have helped a lot. I felt a headache coming on yesterday and did some of the neck/head stretches and it faded and went away. It could have been a fluke, but I felt quite powerful in being able to scare away a headache without Tylenol.

My commercial transactions grade just got posted and its quite respectable- totally compensates for the bloody aftermath of secured transactions fall quarter.


  1. I'd strongly recommend my wonderful friend Alesia Zorn -- she is an amazing calligrapher/bookbinder/creative soul, and I just love her work. (She did my sister's wedding invitations, and you wouldn't believe the compliments!)

    This ( is an announcement she did for one of her friends, and I'm going to use a similar template (although with an apple tree on the front, rather than footprints -- I think) -- a folded card with hand lettering on vellum on the inside.

    What she did with my sister to keep costs down was to do the calligraphy, then Rob and Sarah did all the assembly (and the original calligraphy was copied using a high-res copier onto the vellum). Do look at her work!

  2. More Alesia -- she has the inside of my sister's invites online. -- bottom row.