Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happily Distracted

I finally felt our baby kick and I have to say it was one of the coolest thing I've ever experienced. He's really in there, squirming around and exploring his little home. It happened last night for the first time and I thought "whoah, X kicked me!" and that's how we settled on his name. We were debating a few, but apparently I was already calling him one in my mind and didn't realize it until then. He has a name and felt presence- it's been a big two days!

Today in Public Land and Resource Law he kicked a few more times and I almost giggled out loud in glee. How can I concentrate on the Organic Administration Act when my son is saying hello? "Happily distracted" effectively sums up my mental state right now- I'm already behind in my reading and I have a massive paper due in a month (and a 3-page outline for that paper which is overdue by 4 weeks), but I don't care a whole heck of a lot. This is why I took all the big important classes this past fall and winter. Happy distraction and corporations law wouldn't have worked out very well.

I actually like my classes a lot this quarter- they're all different from the ones I took earlier this year. One is essentially a legal history class surveying how race has been treated in American law, another looks at the relationship b/w religion and the constitution, there's public land which is a form of property, the only 1L class I enjoyed, and lastly there's my criminal justice and cyber law seminar taught by a prosecutor that is both fantastic and fascinating. It's a lovely quarter, and not nearly as rigorous as prior ones, so I have plenty of time to sit and be happily distracted.


  1. The kicking is what completely turned my attitude about pregnancy around. It is just such a happy feeling.

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