Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I've been free for finals for almost 24 hours and it's been wonderful. I got 11 hours of badly needed, stress-free sleep last night. I nearly missed my eye appointment today and it was at 11:00! I always sleep horribly during finals- I don't even stay up that late studying, but I get in bed and just can't turn my brain off. Monday night I sat straight up, wide awake, at 3am because I remembered I hadn't written anything about presentment warranties in my commercial transactions exam- I guess I was dreaming about it. I was so flustered about it I had to wake JP up and tell him too- as long as I'm awake I like to have company. Needless to say, he's happy finals are over too. My securities exam was insane- it was multiple choice, which I actually think is a good format for that class, the thought of working through a 5-page essay question that tries to get you to use all of the securities laws was completely overwhelming. However, these multiple choice questions were quite challenging and long- I had to look through my outline, notes, slides, and statute book for each one and I realized after 90 min. that I hadn't shifted positions and my back was screaming at me. It was very intense, but I think I did okay- the only problem is that I would think everyone else did too. There's a right answer to each question and if you had a comprehensive outline and notes you could find it. The curve could actually hurt you. I still have to write a substantial paper over spring bring for my "higher education and the law" seminar. I've decided to write on family friendly tenure track policies- it's a topic I'm personally quite interested in. I'm not sure how legal I can make it, but its an adjunct professor so I don't think the scholarly bar is that high- he just wants it to be interesting and well written.

Last night I sat on the couch and watched crappy tv for about 3 hours completely guilt-free. Today I ran a million errands and shopped a little (or a lot...). I love all the clothing styles right now, they're great for a pregnant girl! I got some really cute stuff that is all non-maternity and looks great- lots of empire waist tops and fold-over waisted skirts and pants. I got the free clothes from Isabella Oliver the other day and Love them! We leave for San Francisco tomorrow for 4 days of fun 60-degree weather. It's a celebration of the baby and then end of the GMAT ANd finals (or at least a break from the GMAT and finals- JP may still retake it and I have 4 more rounds of finals until I graduate). I'm pretty sure JP would kill me if I get on my laptop on our vacation, so I'll post when we get back on Sunday. Our ultrasound is Wednesday, so we're looking forward to that too. The whole world just seems like a brighter, happier place without finals!

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  1. It really is happy times after the end of law school finals! Congrats!!! If you get a chance check out yoohoo gelato in Chinatown (well where it meets North Beach), if ya like boba, the best ever.