Sunday, March 11, 2007

Exams... suck

I could put it much more eloquently- I could talk about my passionate hatred for the quarter system and how I truly think it a bad fit for law school. Cramming a semester long class into 10 weeks isn't good for anyone and it gives you 3x more finals stress by the time you graduate. I could write about how I really should have started studying earlier than 6 days ago or how I don't know how to "not care" about my grades even though they really don't matter much now. I could write about how unbelievably tired I am (all the time) and how my body (now under the baby's control) forces me to sleep whether I have time to or not. I could write about how I never feel like I'm doing the right things to prepare for finals- that what I spend my time doing isn't really helpful and that other people have a much more efficient method.

But my commercial transactions final is in less than 3 hours and I feel woefully unprepared. Sadly, its the exam I'm the most prepared for. Admin is tomorrow and securities is Tuesday. All I can really say is, "ugh" and this will all be over Tuesday at 5pm.


  1. Wow--3 in a row? That's brutal! I really feel for you. Good luck!!!

  2. That system sounds cruel. For one, I need a full semester to absorb the big picture. And for two, no breaks between exams? That's simply evil.