Monday, March 12, 2007

2 down, 1 to go

Comm Trans and Admin are done- not necessarily done well, but over with. My favorite part of every quarter is right after the final when I ceremoniously drop all my notes, outlines, etc. into the "recycle bin" on my desktop. Deleting the folder entitled "Admin" nearly made me giddy with happiness. I also enjoy dumping any printed materials in the real recycle bin in the hallway- such a freeing feeling.

Securities is in 15 hours. I'm almost done going through all my notes and slides, but have not yet read all the rules or my own, increasingly long and complicated, outline.

Have you ever been so tired it takes a concentrated effort to make your eyes focus on the words on the screen? That's where I am right now...


  1. I used to do the exact same thing after every law school exam (and if the exam was completely closed book, then right before the exam). It was just the best feeling!

  2. really? i like to keep it all tucked away in a file cabinet - makes me feel like i've accomplished something