Monday, March 5, 2007

Bullet Points for Lazy Writing

A few random bits of news for the day:
  • My midwife called with the results of the quad-screen and everything looks great! Our risk or Down's Syndrome is 1/6,500; Spina Bifida is 1/5,200; and there is no increased risk of trisomy 18. So yay- and our ultrasound is only 16 days away!
  • I'm exhausted. Pretty much all the time. I got less than 8 hours of sleep last night and found myself dozing off in class several times. I kept hearing that the 2nd trimester was so magical and you felt so great, but I am really just as tired as the 1st trimester. The tiredness isn't as sudden or imperative, but it is always there. I'm currently waiting for my stomach to feel less full from lunch so that I can go take a nap (and probably dream about all the work I should be doing).
  • A week from today I will be taking my second final, the dreaded administrative law one, and I haven't begun reading through my notes. This is not stopping me from taking my nap, but it is starting to worry me.
  • Our weather is finally pretty- still freezing and really windy, but the brilliant blue sky that I love is back.
  • Construction update: the people above us are now hammering things and there is a big work crew beneath our window working on a pot hole. I am literally surrounded by hammering, truck noises, and beeping. Really helps the reading of the UCC to have some jack hammering in the background.
  • Lilly has discovered the world beyond our apartment. JP used to leave the door open when he took the trash out to the garbage shoot b/c Lilly would never step foot outside our door- it seemed to freak her out. She eventually moved to rolling around on the doormat. Now she takes off sprinting down the corridor (well, maybe more like trotting, she's got a bit of a tummy). She's done this about 4 times and always ends up confused by the turns of the hallway- she'll find a doormat and lay down on it and one of us can scoop her up. I'm not sure how long it will remain easy to retrieve her. And now she stands by the door and meows to go out. Very annoying and of course, I blame JP.
  • I told my family about the blog. I have yet to decide if that was a good move or not- the worst thing would be if no one reads it, but I know they might so I have to edit what I write. I don't mind the editing if the writing its useful or entertaining to them, but if its neither, I'll probably wished I remained anonymous. So we'll see- I have a lot more to say about the difference the internet has made in a single generation, but I'll save that for another day I don't want to study.

Off to bed to hopefully awaken with a renewed feeling of purpose and productivity!

Update: Slept for 2.5 hours in spite of construction noise and the very bright sunlight. Feel refreshed but horrified so much of the day is gone. Taking a walk to the White Hen to get a diet coke and then Getting To Work.

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