Friday, February 8, 2008

My Post Meme

I've been doubly tagged for this one thanks to Butterflyfish and Someone Being Me. I feel so loved.

** Post about the meme and link back to the person that tagged you.
** Go back to your archives and link to your five favorite posts.

Link One: must be about family
Link Two: must be about friends
Link Three: must be about yourself
Link Four: must be about something you love
Link Five: can be anything you choose

** Tag five other people (at least two must be new acquaintances so that you can get to know them better).

(1) Family: I think I'll go with the post about my dad, the working mother, from the time he was staying with us and attempted to be on conference calls while caring for a 4-month old. And because I just realized that "family" now includes my own little family, I'm also going to link to the letter I wrote to Landon when he turned 6 months old.

(2) Friends: Definitely my "Of Friends and Family" post - I have been blessed with incredible friends, who continue to overwhelm me with their love and support (and free babysitting!).

(3) Me: Once again I have two (I had a rough night, I can break the rules). "Why Can't I Want Both" sums up much of my personality and what I want and need in my life. "I'm 24" doesn't tell you that much about me, but it includes two baby Lag Liv pictures, and who doesn't love baby pictures?

(4) Love: I wrote this post when Landon's reflux and colic were at their worst and JP and I were about to crack. It's not your typical "love" post, but it shows our love and the strength of our relationship more than any sappy thing I could try to write.

(5) My Choice: I think I've already used up my freebie, but I haven't mentioned law school yet and that is supposedly a big part of my life. After a quick look through my archives, I realized I only talk about school when I'm complaining about how behind I am in my reading or when finals are days away and I'm complaining about how behind I am in my outlining. So I offer you this post about a little incident that took place during Religion and the Law last year. I promise it has nothing to do with reading or exams.

I tag:
- ohchicken at We Are Fambly because she's pregnant and I'd like to know more about her
- Colleen at Wine Please because I love her tagline and she's a fabulous commenter
- Denora at The Denora because in a few weeks she's donating one of her kidneys to a friend and I think she's amazing
- el-e-e at hello, self to momentarily distract her from the fact she's been "about to have her baby any minute" for days now (although I secretly hope she's having the baby and unable to fulfill her meme duties)
- Marilyn over at slackermama because I love her "You Need To Read" posts and she's also pregnant (wow, there are a lot of pregnant bloggers out there!)


  1. Thanks for participating in the meme. I thoroughly enjoyed your posts. I've already read some of them but I loved the one about the professor and faking labor. And now I know you have a birthday coming up. I learn something new every day.

  2. Aww, thanks for tagging me! I love your answers and am interested to see what I'll be able to come up with. Hmm, this could take some thinking.... ;)

  3. yeah! I've been tagged! :D

    and you are so sweet to say that my ramblings on other people's blogs are fabulous. ;)

    can I let you in on a secret? Justin created that tagline...he's the creative one in the house.

  4. oh, and you're only going to 25 in a couple weeks???

    wow! I am even more impressed by you and your inner strength (can't imagine going through school, new motherhood, and that whole nightmare all at the same time at 24...even now, all of that combined is a bit daunting and I'm a bit older than that. And judging by your baby LL pics, Landon looks an awful lot like you. ;)

  5. hi ll, thanks for tagging me! i finished the meme :)