Friday, February 29, 2008


I went to a lunch talk today with Maureen Mahoney. She's the head of the Latham & Watkins appellate practice group in Washington, DC and one of the top Supreme Court advocates out there. She's argued 18 cases in front of the Supreme Court and won 16 of them (including the famous Grutter v. Bollinger decision on the University of Michigan Law School's affirmative action program). She talked about a few of her big cases, played sound clips of oral arguments, and gave us lots of inside info about arguing in front of the Court. She was bright, funny, and engaging. I actually teared up when she played the opening line when the Court begins its sessions- what an amazing thing to have in your memory (eighteen times!). I want absolutely nothing to do with litigation, and yet I walked out of the room wanting to be her.

One of the best things about this law school, besides the professors, is the absurdly accomplished pool of alumni that students group can draw from for speakers. I have attended some incredible lunch talks and round tables over my nearly three years here, and I think I'll take away as much from them as my classes. Especially this year as my classes have increasingly become an afterthought...


  1. that sounded really neat!!!

  2. That is so cool. I miss things like that from school. Luckily I live in a college town so we get a lot of important people that come speak here too. But its harder to go when you work or are home with a baby.

  3. Cool! I got to have lunch with the Iraqi High Tribunal a while ago . . . too bad the rest of law school is a total waste!

  4. wow, I remember that case from Con Law last semester! She helped make history- that's really awesome.

    I heard a practice points speech by a high powered female litigator this year and I have to admit that after hearing her speak, I wanted to be her too.