Saturday, February 23, 2008

End of an Era

My mom called this morning to tell me that my high school 100 breaststroke record was broken yesterday at the State meet prelims. I think she sounded a little more sad than I was. It's been so long since I've thought of myself as a swimmer, and I'm so happy and fulfilled with what I do now, that I was just excited for the girl who broke it (a junior who, according to everyone, is an all-around awesome girl). Swimming was an absolutely fantastic time in my life, and I'm lucky to have memories of traveling to big meets, winning races, standing on awards stands, and sharing it all with my teammates and best friends. Records are meant to be broken and eight years is a pretty long time for one to stand.

So congrats to you, breaker of my last high school record, and kick ass at finals tonight!


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  2. 8 years is a long time standing for any record! congrats on that ... you should be proud!!!

    if it makes you feel better my high school and district record of losing 1 match (not counting doubles)over my four year hs career was broken 2 years after I left..i was depressed and mourned the loss was tough im not gonna lie..i give u props for having a good attitude and outlook on it :))

    ok i'll prob turn this comment into a blog entry now that you've got me thinkin' about it!!

    thanks LL for the inspiration :)

  3. I remember watching you set that record back when I was a freshman. It was very inspirational to me. From that point on it was always my goal to set a record before I graduated. Even though I never quite got there and I barely squeaked into regionals each year, I still stayed inspired. There were quite a few record set during the 4 years I was on the team. What I remember most vividly was watching Coach peal off the old name and time and put up the new name and time. That was always really exciting. It is awesome to see those records continue to be broken as our alma mater continues to uphold the tradition of excellence.

  4. you are so much more gracious than I am. I broke the record in the 2 mile race- it was awesome to see my name on the wall of our gym. But it was beaten the very next year. I was soooo angry!

  5. wow, the only record I probably have is biggest whiner. ;)