Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another Snow Day

Last night's party was a big success- lots of fun, food, and chocolate cake was had by all. JP even got to play poker with a few of the guests, so he didn't mind beign surrounded by Obamamania quite so much. People left around midnight, so I knew making it to my 8:30 Con Law class was probably not going to happen this morning. And it didn't. But Landon and I did battle the sleet and wind to make it down to Hyde Park by 10. However, right after I got to school I saw that the weather was supposed to turn much worst around noon, bringing many inches of snow and high winds, and continue through the evening. Then I read that the city ran out of salt for the salt trucks and realized I'd left my laptop power cord at home, so I walked back to my car, picked up Landon, and headed home 30 minutes after arriving.

We've had a lovely little snow day- full of jumperoo bouncing and Lilly watching (by Landon) and CNN watching and photo album filling (by me). I just took this picture outside our front window.

I think winter is so beautiful. Despite enduring some big storms this year, I still love the snow and will miss it greatly once we're down South. I'll miss my big coats and scarves, drinking tea all day, and the feeling of coziness that comes when you're indoors watching the snow swirl outside your window. I guess we'll have to start saving for that ski home in Colorado...


  1. Thank you! I love winter! I live in Sydney, which is muggy, and wet, and humid in that way that no matter what you wear, you will simultaneously be both hot and cold.

    It sucks. I'm currently scheming up ways to get to Europe after I graduate this year.

  2. I wish I'd had a Super Tuesday party. My husband was sick that day, though, so I guess it's good we didn't.

    (We still voted, of course. I would have wheeled him there on a stretcher if necessary.)

    My son got a sticker from a poll worker that said "I voted today" (even though he didn't, obviously, hehe) and he was very excited about it. He was mad that I wouldn't let him push the buttons on the touch screen for me, though.

    The race was so, so close here in Missouri-- I stayed up WAAAY too late on the edge of my seat listening to the CNN commentators go on about how notoriously horrible St. Louis City is about getting vote counts in. And also watching them point to my area of the county, which is a racially diverse working class neighborhood, and say, "This is solid white suburban territory."


  3. Winter is lovely, as are real four seasons like we have in the Midwest. Thanks for saying something nice about us. Seems like the rest of the world thinks we are backward bumpkins who don't know any better or we would have moved to the coast (east or west) long ago. In general I think that Midwesterns (maybe not Chicagoans all the time) are some of the nicest folks on the planet too. Now, we wait for the Spring thaw and that absolute joy you feel when you can go outside without your jacket. It feels like a whole new kind of freedom! :)

  4. I love the snow, but I HATE coats. Especially now that I have a baby. I hate having to put him in the coat so that he's stiff like a board and then remove it when we're inside when he starts to scream as he's sweating profusely.

  5. Aww posts like this make me miss chicago and the snow so much! I love snow days!

  6. I know I thank you all the time, but again, thanks for the snowy pics! I sure miss the stuff!