Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pop-Up TV Not Included

This morning Landon took his first ride in the big boy car seat.

He seemed to approve of his plush new accomodations.

We went with the Britax Marathon- it's safe, easy to install, and lasts up to 65 lbs. We couldn't afford two Britaxes, so we bought an Evenflo Titan for JP's car- he doesn't drive Landon around neraly as much as I do, but I knew there'd be at least one occasion where he'd need to the ability to pick the little guy up. It was only $100 (with excellent safety ratings), so I'm interested to see how the two compare.

When I mentioned the new seat in an email to my dad, he replied: "$260! The first car your mom and I bought cost $1,000. We later sold it for $500 or the equivalent of two of Landon’s seats. I assume his came with CD, 6 disc changer, seat warmer, and pop up TV screen." Hmmm, throw in an automatic bottle dispenser and he might not mind the traffic so much... We have to stop and buy him a jacket on the drive home today. We've been so spoiled with the BundleMe in his infant seat- that thing was the biggest reason I kept him in that seat until my arm nearly fell off trying to carry it. He stayed toasty warm without having to deal with shoes, mittens, or a coat. The only coat he owns is the horsey one he's wearing in this picture and he's days away from growing out of the outfit. Isn't it adorable though?!

Here he is saying, "Okay mom, enough pictures. Take me to my lady babies!"

But first we were stuck for THIRTY-FIVE minutes in the snowbank that swallowed my tires. The bottom layer of snow had turned to solid ice I couldn't shovel through, so I would drive back and forth and back and forth, get out, shovel what I could, go back and forth and back and forth, get out, shovel again, repeat 3 more times, and then two men wandering around on our street (which is the border between the very sketchy and almost sketchy zones of our neighborhood) started pushing from the rear of my car while I pressed the gas- and finally made it over the ice blocks. I yelled a heartfelt "thanks so much" out my window as I sped away, now quite late for class. Aren't random acts of kindness wonderful? A nice reminder that there are more good people than bad in the world.

And I think it speaks volumes to the comfort of the Britax that Landon didn't complain once during the sixty minutes he ended up spending in his car seat this morning. And he didn't even have a pop-up TV.


  1. I'll be looking for a comparison of the seats for when we have to upgrade. We ended up getting the Graco SafeSeat instead of the SnugRide just for the extra few pounds it would last. I think she'll grow out length-wise first, but she's stuck facing backwards until she's at least a year, anyway, with Oregon's laws.

  2. Yeah, at first I regretted not getting the SafeSeat for that very reason, but I can't carry him in the infant seat anymore, so he might as well be able to sit up straight and look around. He was getting uncomfortable in the hunched-over infant car seat position. I'll let you know how the two seats compare!

    He has to stay rear-facing for the first year here as well. It's going to blow his mind when he can finally face forward in the car and see me driving. Right now I think he thinks I just disappear but my voice remains...

  3. The Britax is a beautiful thing, no? I love how easy to install they are! And he looks mighty comfy in there.

    We're going for a SafeSeat for our new addition but there DOES reach a time when it's a new car seat or a new arm. ;)

  4. Hello, I've been reading your blog for a long time, I stumbled on it because I'm a fellow mother in law school and I got VERY caught up in your ordeal with CPS. I cried for you and Landon on a few different occassions. I believe I commented a few times, but I'm not a regular commenter.

    Anyway, I just want to let you all know, in a gentle, non-intrusive voice, that the laws are the way they are for a reason. The best thing about a Britax is that the children can remain rear-facing much longer. It is way, way, way safer for them to be rear-facing than forward facing. There have been tons of crash tests done and the results are overwhelming. You'd do yourself a favor NOT to look them up (there are some very graphic videos), but suffice it to say I've done my research and take my word for it.

    Both of my kids have Britax seats and both stayed rear-facing until after their second birthdays. Not all kids will remain below the weight limit to do it this long, but most kids are turned forward way too soon. Just because they *can* be turned doesn't mean they should be...

    You can find a lot of information on the subject without watching any of the videos and I urge you all to do this, it could save your child's life.

  5. Consider yourself tagged with a meme, but I found this one kind of fun. Hope you do too.

  6. We're going to install our Marathon early next month, when Sam is eight months old. I'm going to use a car safety tech just to be safe, but I'm relieved to hear that they're easy to install.

    I would do it now, but I'm traveling solo with her next week NY-LA to see my folks. It's going to be much less of a hassle to be able to have the infant seat and not worry about renting one, plus the infant seat will hold her during the flight (I bought her a seat).

    Anyway, on your other topic, I miss a whole lot of things about Chicago but the weather isn't one of them . I used to love all the snow and cold, but winters in NYC are much milder than they are in Chitown. I'm used to it now! And we now have a car so snow and ice are bad things. :-)

  7. We have the Britax Marathon for our 2 year old and LOVE it. Next week I am getting another for our daughter who is Landon's age.

    I agree - EASY to install. I think one of my favorite features ever is the handy velcro thingies that keep the straps to the side. That feature saved my pregnant and post-partum ass last summer when I was struggling to put my son in his seat.

    Regarding the "rear vs forward" facing thing - a safety lecture I attended said they recommend rear-facing until 18 months. Even if their legs are against the seat while they are rear-facing it is still safer to have a leg/hip injury than a neck injury. I turned my son around at 15 months though.

  8. My kids are all grown now but back in the day carseats were nothing more than plastic covered in plastic and lines w/ terry cloth. They tipped side to side when you turned and I still felt compelled to hold my hand out each time I had to stop suddenly. Anyway - new baby technology never ceases to amaze me! I really just wanted to say what a Cutie Pie Landon is. Such a cuddly little guy - and those cheeks!!! I'm in Houston so maybe I'll see you when you move back down South on one of my weekend motorcycle road trips to the Austin area. Take care!

  9. Love Britax! We have the Britax Boulevard in both cars...we can thank my parents for springing for the second one...geez, they are expensive...but safe!

  10. He is a sweetheart! I love the horsey suit!

    We've been very happy with our Marathon too. Our (very tall) 15 month old still fits in it rear facing, although he might have to sit indian style if we wait much longer to turn him around. It is very easy to install and he seems to be comfortable. It LOOKS comfortable.

  11. We have been faithful Britax fans for well over 3 years now and have them in both cars for both kids. When oldest had to move to a booster we went with the Britax booster. Our friends (and parents!)freaked out over how much we spent, but it is the single most important item we own with regard to the safety of our children. Worth every penny! If we are in a wreck I can assure you I will not be thinking about how much the seat was. I will be grateful that it saved their lives...then I will go out and buy another to replace it.

    As an aside...we are in the car A LOT. We live in a rural area and have to drive a fair amount to get to school and work. We have a 3 y/o car that is getting ready to roll 120K miles. The safety is worth the peace of mind for me:-) Also, we totally cheap out on crap that can't kill them or save their lives.

  12. I'd be interested in hearing your comparison between the two car seats. We just weren't able to ever afford 1 Britax, let alone 1 plus another seat, which is why we have two Cosco Eddie Bauer seats for each kid (each seat was about $120 and we share drop-off/pick-up of the kiddos).