Monday, January 1, 2007

Non-baby post

And now a post about law school... I got VERY good news from my Corporations professor over the holiday- I got a high A on the final. This is my first A in law school and this was a very very hard class (and I want to do corporate law), so I was So excited to hear that. Finals were really tough this quarter- I had four of them (including 2 in one day) and I was newly pregnant and totally excited and exhausted. I don't know any other grades, but at least that one is good and can help offset the C I'm scared of getting in secured transactions.

I also cannot decide what to take next quarter. Due to the good news from Corp, I'm going to take the professor's Securities class. I really liked him, but his ridiculously hard final scared me off. I'm also taking a seminar on "Higher Education and the Law" and perhaps administrative law. That leaves one more spot- tax? commercial transactions? I have no idea and I have to go buy my books tomorrow and do my reading for class on Wednesday (can you believe we start this early?). Ugh- I really have no idea what to take...

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