Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Missing wine, part II

I am a proud member of the Hemingway Society at the University of Chicago Law School. This noble group is dedicated to the appreciation and knowledge of fine wines (and cheeses). Wineries see us a future customers, and come to us with crates of their finest vintages- we learn how to swirl, smell, and taste- or at least how to give the appearance that we know what we're doing when the waiter pours that first sample sip from a bottle. Last night I attended the Hemingway Society as an observer- it was enormously unsatisfying. A South American importer came to talk about (and share) Chilean and Argentinean wines. I Love those wines! The smell, the color, the cheese pairings- they were all calling to me. But I was good and sipped my water.

It seems that some doctors will give you the green light to have the very occasional glass of wine later on in your pregnancy. Does anyone have experience with that? My midwife gave the blanket statement of "we can't assure you that any amount of alcohol is safe." While I know that is true, I feel like having a glass of wine on a special occasion at 7 months is really not going to affect anything. But then again you know that if anything happens it was completely preventable and completely your fault. The constant quandary of the pregnant woman.

Admin is also a time of day where I greatly miss alcohol of any kind. It has become the bane of my law school existence- much like antitrust last quarter. I know I will sit in there every day and wonder why on earth I didn't drop the class. Luckily, if you look around Classroom IV everyone looks like they're in pain, so its not like I'm the only person who desperately needs a cosmopolitan at 10:30am.


  1. You can always spit. I hate doing it (it's just...gross), but sometimes you just *have* to taste.

    I can't tell you how happy I am that the Portland Brewers' Festival is taking place nearly a month after my due date. I figure if I time the breast feeding right, I'll be set.

  2. I feel like it's okay to have a glass a wine here and there. Don't women in Europe drink occasional wine during pregnancy? Dude I wish I knew more about wine, I feel like a wine-dud.

  3. Yup, during your third trimester, an occasional small glass of wine is okay according to most of the stuff I've read and some doctor-friends.

  4. A glass of wine from time to time is much better for you than being continually stressed out is. And yes, I did have wine once in a while (even before the third trimester!) and both of my kids turned out fine. But of course everyone is going to disclaim all responsibility and you take your own risks and yada yada.

    Whatever. Remind me to tell you the vodka story.

    I think I'm going to start calling Admin "Cosmo Class."

  5. This article from the NY Times ( talks about drinking while pregnant. I think a big issue is that even with your own decision and your doctor's approval, other people seem so bothered by it. There's a quote from a bartender saying that people will ask him what a particular pregnant woman is drinking!