Monday, January 29, 2007

The Rubber Band Trick

Today I have an elastic hair band looped through the hole of my jeans and around the button. It gives me about 1/2 an inch of extra breathing room and makes sitting in the library far more comfortable. This marks the first morning I couldn't button up my jeans. The glorious part about being pregnant is that I could blame this on the baby and use a hair band guilt-free. I actually haven't worn these jeans in while, they've always been a little snug, and I'm pretty sure that 3 months ago I still would have needed the hair band. But then I would have felt fat and forced the button closed just to prove they still fit. I would have had to suck in all day- this is far more comfortable.

It's nice to think "oh yay, my baby is growing" instead of "oh wow, I really shouldn't have eaten that coldstone ice cream last night."


  1. That trick never worked for me -- maybe I waited too long to do it, since I couldn't really zip up my pants anymore. The hair band would hold the top together, but then there would be a gaping hole at the zipper.

  2. I had a nice wide belt to cover the gap. I think it only worked so well because I don't really need to do it yet. My other jeans still fit- these just needed a bit of breathing room. I bought a Bella Band this weekend- seems ingenious, but I couldn't quite master how to make it look smoothe over my pants this morning.