Sunday, January 14, 2007

Missing wine

Last night JP and I treated ourselves to Brazzaz (one of those Brazilian churrascaria/steak houses- my personal favorite one because they serve grilled pineapple and have by far the best salad bar). So far I haven't really missed alcohol. Since college I haven't been a big drinker (except for a few notable occasions: night after fall 1L finals, law school prom... perhaps I'll blog about those on a later date), but I do enjoy a good glass of wine with a nice meal. JP had a delicious glass of Brazilian merlot (I know it was delicious because I snuck a very small sip while he was at the salad bar) and I had a virgin daquiri. The daquiri was in a cool glass and had fruit on a pretty toothpick, but it was really not the same. 7 months to go...

1 comment:

  1. It's funny, the cravings you get for things you can't have -- I rarely drink, but want more than anything to have a nice big glass of a good Oregon pinot noir. I can't have sushi, but I'm craving raw not fair!