Thursday, January 25, 2007

Texas Entertainment

Over the weekend I was telling JP how when we were kids, my siblings and I would put bowls of water outside on nights it was supposed to get below freezing (which happened about once every other year). Having grown up in Washington, D.C., he found this hilarious, and commented that we could have just put them in the freezer to see the same thing. He doesn't understand the novelty of the "freezing outside" phenomenon for a Texan. Yesterday, my uncle emailed me a story that's even better:

His family lives in a suburb of Houston and the temperature was below freezing during the day last week (of course schools and everything were shut down, just in case it decided to sleet). A local news station had a reporter whose assignment was to stand next to a bucket of water and watch it freeze over, and the 60 min. news show kept cutting back to her to see if there were any exciting new developments. Can you imagine the riveting commentary and action shots? And who did that reporter piss off at the news station?

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