Thursday, January 4, 2007

Baby's First Picture!

We had our first appointment on Tuesday morning- it was so exciting to see the little heart beat! Apparently I have a tipped/tilted uterus which made it very hard to find the baby with the ultrasound at such an early stage. There were a very scary few minutes while the midwife was trying to find the baby. By the next ultrasound the baby should be big enough so that the tilted uterus won't be an issue any longer.

Our dilemma of the past few days has been the first trimester screening test- it's an ultrasound and blood test to screen for disorders like trisomy 18 and Down's syndrome. Apparently its like MSAP testing but it has a better detection rate with fewer false positives. We went back and forth on it, but ultimately decided not to do it. With our ages and lack of any family history- its more likely that any positive result would be a false positive and just cause (lots of) unecessary worry and stress. I'm definitely someone who obsesses over things so I don't need any ratios to worry about for the next 7 months. Besides, the amnio, which would be the next step with any questionable results, carries a 1/200 chance of miscarriage- a risk that is likely to be much higher than any disorder.

We have our next appointment on January 30th, so now I get to look forward to that!

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