Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Froggy Fun

This is our 10-day weather report:

As you can see, it is bloody freaking hot here. And it's only June. The really bad heat won't hit us until mid-July and then it will wear out its welcome through September.

This used to be okay. As a kid I spent hours in the pool or playing in the shady greenbelt behind my house. As a teen I still spent hours in the pool and even more as a lifeguard and swim coach. As an adult I used this magical time 100+ degree weather to stay indoors and catch up on picture albums, reading, and TV watching. I'd move slower, wear as little clothing as possible, and wait for our two weeks of Fall to arrive sometime in November.

But now I have a Landon, and Landon loves to be outside (or "adda" or "outda" as he constantly refers to it). It would be cruel to deny him this love for running in circles and getting all sweaty, but there are soooo many afternoons and evenings where I find myself asking "Landon are you sure you don't want to go inside? Maybe for a snack? Snacks! You love snacks! Snacks are inside, let's go!" He never falls for it and then I'm left all hot and sticky and feeling mildly guilty. I can't wait until he's old enough to go outside and play without adult supervision; I'll just sit by the kitchen window or maybe out on the covered porch, sip my lemonade, and wait for him to come show me his most recent boo boos.

This past Sunday Landon of course wanted to spend every waking moment outside and it was of course 10000 degrees, so I headed to the garage to find last year's froggy pool. And find it I did! Landon had a blast, I sat 3 feet away under the porch, with one eye on my new book (one recommended by you all) and the other on Landon's water shenanigans. There was a decent breeze and we spent nearly 2 happy hours together without suffering from heat stroke.

The froggy pool had a strong showing, but I don't know if it is up for the challenge of the August and September heat. We may need an upgrade by then.


  1. Would Landon be happy playing in the garage? You would set up a "fence" and keep him in while you stayed semi-cool. Another I remember seeing in Texas is the mist-ers. Maybe install one of those to the porch?

  2. Actually, because we do get something of a breeze in the front and backyard, the garage is an extra 10-20 degrees hotter than anywhere else. I like the mist-ers idea!

  3. We spend nearly every waking minute outside with my feet in the baby pool and total chaos unfolding around me. But they are contained and in the shade, so that's all I care about. And when it's all over there are many many videos to borrow from the library.

  4. omg a "Landon" shirt!!!!!!!!! too cutte

  5. We're in Oklahoma, so the temperatures are nearly as bad right now. My son is 4 1/2, and I LOVE that he can play outside in the backyard with minimal supervision.

    Adorable pictures!

  6. Does Landon go to swim lessons? I kind of want to do them with Timmy after the bar, and I always see little babies in the pool learning how to "swim" on the news.