Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear Google, the light-hearted Friday edition

I did one of these not too long ago, but I have a few google searches that are too good not to share. What I always have to keep in mind is that someone opened up the google webpage and typed in this exact phrase looking for answers. Cracks me up.

~ dear google, please give me a random food to eat for lunch: Quite possibly my most favorite search that ever brought someone to my website. I wonder what they decided on... the puffy pancake?

~ big name in french fries: As a fellow french fry lover, I understand turning to the internet for help in french fry research. I have been known to look up restaurant menus or reviews in hopes of seeing a picture or description of the fries before deciding to dine there (my favorites are seasoned curly fries, thick cut steak fries with a crispy outside, and lightly battered fries). That said, I'm not sure what "big name" you were looking for.

~ how do i force myself to study for the lsat: What do you want Google to tell you? You just have to decide to do it. Or don't and let luck take you where it may.

~ paying for duck soup daycare vacation: ???

~ lag liv bitch: Are you asserting or asking? Actually I hope it's neither one, though it's interesting to wonder how I come across to those who don't know me outside of these posts. For background purposes, I believe I'm generally thought of as a nice person.

~ is it bad to swallow a handful of ibuprofen: Yes. And if I had just done that I'd be calling poison control, a doctor, or googling something more likely to result in a scientific answer like "ibuprofen overdose" because those keywords aren't going to get you anywhere helpful -- like my blog.

~ nymph craving baby: Intriguing.

~ how to pass texas bar exam: You pretty much just have to study.

~ im 11 weels pregnant and feel horrible with like headaches and stomach pains: While stomach pains and heaches aren't funny, the inclusion of the word "like" in an internet search is.

~ things i don't like: You need to look this up?

So there you are. The internet can be a funny place. Have a great weekend and if you live down here where it insists on remaining 105 degrees (plus humidity), stay cool!


  1. "Duck Soup" is a popular daycare center name - there's one in my town.

  2. Ohhhh that makes so much more sense!

  3. I am curious, how do you find out the googole searches that brought people to your blog? I have seen a few people post about them but I have no clue how to do it.

  4. Have you had truffle fries before? AMAZING.

  5. I am also curious about how you find out about the google searches that brought people to your blog. I even thought about googling it, but I am sure that would bring on even more strange results!

  6. Hi LL, re the L-L-B comment, I know you only through these posts (which I delight in reading and look forward to, as you write so well and engagingly).

    I don't think you come across the least bit bitchy, more smart, fun, funny, friendly, bright, incredibly hard working, and just a hint of geekyness and goofyness, in the nicest possible way.

  7. (Copied from an earlier "googletopia" post when someone asked the same questions in the comments)

    "I use two things: sitemeter and statcounter, they're both free. You just go to their sites, create a profile, and insert their code into the "html" sidebar box on your blog (you can see them at the bottom of my side bar on the right). Or you can just google something about free stat counters for blogs. Google Analytics is another one people really like but I haven't used it, I'm sure there's other blogs who have written about it.

    Sitemeter was the first thing I found and I like it because it's free and it keeps track of the info forever. I like statcounter better (it has more fun details) but it only keeps track of the last 500 visitors, so for me that clears every day. If I go a few days without checking it I miss all those fun google searches :) I probably check my stats every week or so because it's fun to see how people found you- it will also tell you if someone has come to you through a link on another website.

    Truthfully I am not very internet savvy and I only know about these links because other people had them on their blogs. Someone else could probably give you a lot more info!"

  8. so interesting...people are crazy!

  9. This week, someone found my blog by googling: "most vulnerable part of head to shoot."

    I remain concerned.

  10. I find sitemeter super-hard to use. I still use it, but I typically use GetClicky more. It tells me location, search words, domain, etc.

  11. I wish google would give ME a random food to eat for lunch ... because ... well ... it would be free, right? Free is always good.