Sunday, June 28, 2009

Coach of the Year

On Saturday JP's career as head coach of our local summer league swim team came to an end. His team won the championship for the first time ever and did it by 150 points. Landon and I attended the banquet at the pool that night and it was so wonderful to see how much the kids and parents adore him. He was always surrounded by people, laughing and joking, complimenting kids on their swims- somehow managing to know each of their times and how much they had improved (there's 250 swimmers on the team, between ages 6-16). Several people came up to me to tell me how great he did and how much fun they had this season. One parent, a dad, even came up to me to thank me for my role as Mrs. Coach. He said he knew how much time JP had dedicated to the team, and how that takes away from family time and he really appreciated my behind-the-scenes work.

It was so nice to hear because it really was hard. Since April I've been on my own every night with a generally over-tired tantrum-throwing toddler. JP has come home about one second before Landon goes to bed and on many of those days I've tossed him our cranky child and headed off to our room without a word. That sounds terrible and I've really tried not to complain too much because there are single parents and moms with husbands serving in the military overseas and moms with husbands who don't help out 1/10 of what JP does, but dammit, it was hard. Our family just works better when the two of us are together.

But back to JP -- my favorite part of the evening was watching him hand out the awards to the kids. When the team manager introduced him all the kids swarmed him for a big group hug. The team manager then took back the microphone and said that in 13 years with the team, she'd never seen the kids do that before! It was very sweet and just made me feel so proud of him. I coached summer league in college so I knew what we were getting in to when he accepted this job. I also knew he'd love it, knew he'd be good at it, and knew it would help his company (he's starting a swim school, more on that later). But even knowing all that, I was unprepared for how much he was in his element. I'm glad I got to see it- I came home with a happy, exhausted Landon and even greater than normal feelings of love and respect and pride in my husband, the Coach.


  1. 250 swimmers?! Yikes!!!

    But it sounds like it was a wonderful awards ceremony, and I'm glad you got props, too!

    Seriously, congrats to both of you for a great season - you work long hours, and even a sweet boy like Landon is a ton of work. (God, do I know - Matthew has been mostly out of commission b/c of his back - since January - and I am seriously sick of playing even a part time single mom. Do not know how New Duck manages!)

    Can't wait to hear more about the swim school - what a perfect fit!

  2. It sounds like he's starting a business doing exactly what he loves to do. That's wonderful. Congrats, Mrs. Coach! (I really sympathize - my husband plays softball in the summer, and our family also works much better with both parents).

  3. Very cool! My late husband was a high school football and soccer coach. He also coached a league soccer team in the off season. When he passed away several years ago (leaving me w/ 3 kids under age 5) the church was FILLED with students and players. There were over 300 people in attendance. To this day - almost 16 years later - I still run into his players who tell me they have never forgotten him and the positive effect he had on their lives. He taught them some very important lessons - including laughing in the face of adversity (in his case it was cancer)and showing strength of character and faith in God up until the end. My sincere accolades to J.P. for making a difference. And to you, I suggest investing in a very good stadium seat - you'll need it!!

  4. that's so nice! my husband coaches a university speech team, and the hours away from the family are really hard. glad it ended so well for you all!