Monday, April 20, 2009

Please Allow Me a Moment of Self-Pity

Currently sitting on my desk at work:

~ Tylenol Sore Throat/Fever/BodyAches/Headache Daytime medicine with Instant Cool Burst Sensation
~ Giant 2 Tbl medicine cup from my 11:00 a.m. dosing that I haven't had time to wash
~ Big cup of chamomile tea with honey
~ Costco size container of honey because it's the only one we had in my house. It came to work in a ziploc freezer bag nestled prevariously close to my laptop in my shoulder bag.
~ 11,256,231,489 pieces of paper
~ 5,324,826 post-it flags in a variety of coordinated colors
~ 4 different sizes of yellow post-its
~ 3 different sizes of binder clips
~ 2 chapsticks
~1 box of kleenex
~ 6 to-do lists of varying size and project type

And behind the desk is a very sick, achey, swollen throat lawyer whose husband is coaching every night from 5:30-7:30 for the next month so she now has to get out the door for daycare pick-up every day and care for their lovable, but increasingly toddleresque child by herself when all she really wants to do is crawl under the covers and pass out or cry or watch terrible daytime tv or all three.

Okay. Deep breath. Big cough. Squaring shoulders. Soldiering on.


  1. Oh yuck! I am so sorry. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  3. I'll give you a moment for self-pity and my pity too. I hope you get better quickly.
    Maybe this week would be a good one to ask a friend or neighbor for help so you can just rest and take it easy.

    And... the new (?) strawberry flavored halls are delicious and very soothing.

  4. Make JP take Landon to practice for a couple of days. One of my old coaches brought her kids to practice all the time. Landon will get a kick out of running around the deck and being the center of attention.

  5. I'm sick too! It is so hard to take care of others when you should be taking care of yourself...this past weekend, I couldn't imagine being a single parent! Feel better soon!

  6. I have the SAME THING! I haven't had a real night's sleep (as much as you can have with a baby) in three days- we're talking throat so sore that I can't even fall asleep! Ugh. I totally feel your pain! Hope you get better soon!

  7. Aw, being sick really sucks!
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  8. I agree with anon. Our coaches always bring their kids with them to practice. Parents who are just hanging out watching practice usually pitch in and keep an eye on the little ones.

  9. I'm so sorry. I just THOUGHT being sick was bad before I had a kid. Now it's terrible.

  10. bengali chick4/21/09, 10:57 AM

    You poor thing! I'm sick too and it sucks. But I can't imagine being sick and having tons of work + toddler. Feel better soon.

  11. I am so, so sorry. Mommies don't get sick days, apparently.

    I still grimace about the time when I came down with strep (very rare, for an adult-person!), then the next day my son had it. AND my husband just didn't get why I was begging him to stay home and help out--I mean, I was there, right? A responsible adult? I am very grateful that my son made it through that day without hurting himself, since he was jumping on & off the furniture while I dozed, half--no, three-quarters dead, on the couch.

    Feel better soon!