Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Blues

Ever since I had a bad case of mono my freshman year of college that ruined my New Year's Eve and landed me in the hospital for five days with a throat that tried to swell shut- (wait, that's a story: I was at JP's apartment getting ready because my dorm was still closed for the holidays and I passed out on the hallway between his room and the bathroom. He came out of his room, saw me and ran over exclaiming, "It's only 7:00- we haven't even started drinking yet!" I had a 105 fever and was severely dehydrated because I hadn't had any food or liquids in more than two days. Turns out stomach ache + severe headache - liquids - solids - mom to notice the lack of eating/drinking + fever and shaking = passing out and a New Year's Eve rush to the emergency room.) Anyway, ever since that, my throat swells whenever I get the slightest bit sick. Usually that's all that happen, my throat gets puffy and painful but Ibuprofen, liquids, and rest make everything better in a few days. Given my busy schedule and my immune system's crappy track record, I've been remarkably healthy since Landon was born. Maybe it's a special kind of mommy immunity, but I've only been sick a handful of times in the past 2 years.

Last night I could feel my throat starting to itch, and I woke up at 4 a.m. feeling like I was choking because it was so swollen and painful. Today I've laid low while Landon read me books (he's very stern with the pigeon in "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus", his reading goes something like this: "A Bus!! NO. A Bus! NO! NO! NO! Bus!!!") and I finished his "Landon's 1st Year" photo book on Snapfish (I started it yesterday morning to avoid working on all the doc review I brought home and got totally sucked in to his baby picture files). I'm feeling marginally better but I know this week is going to be absolutely crazy at work and while I like my job more and more every day, the thought of facing next week feeling like this makes me want to hide under the covers in the fetal position.

I had other things I was going to blog about- I have no idea how it suddenly got to be Sunday and I haven't written anything about our big shoe shopping adventure yesterday (Landon is a full size bigger than I thought, oops! The crushing guilt for inflicting discomfort on my child made me shell out $42 at Stride Rite yesterday without even flinching. He adores his new shoes and carried them upstairs to bed last night- his last two pairs were less than $10 on sale and his pair before that was borrowed for a friend, so that makes his new shoes almost free right? I didn't flinch at the time, but apparently I'm flinching now), my crazy wonderful day at work Friday (lots of responsibility + knowing what you're doing and knowing you're doing it well = job love), or my addendum to #7 in the last post- I've realized the situation hardest on us as a couple and it's not time- we actually spend a lot of relaxing, happy, flirty time together. It's the weekends when we both have work, we both want to play with Landon, we both need some down time, and the laundry, dishes, and errands aren't getting done by themselves that are hard. There's just not enough time for the want to do's, need to do's, and absolutely have to do's. I don't think JP's gone a day without putting in 10 hours of work since October and I miss his having guilt-free down time, we still do a lot of things together as a family, but I always know it's at the expense of him working later and it sucks.

Well, thanks to a flagrant misuse of parentheticals and run-on sentences, I guess I just did blog about all those things. And now a Landon who recently realized he's getting close to two and needs to start acting like it is about to get up from his nap and I need more medicine before that happens. More medicine and about 10 more hours in my day.

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  1. I used to buy JP's shoes at target, wal-mart, basically wherever I could find them cheap. Then, my mom discovered that he has an EXTRA EXTRA WIDE (yes, he wears the XXW size) and INSISTS that I buy his shoes at Stride Rite. If I don't- she immediately sends me on the biggest guilt trip ever! When we were in Houston over Spring Break, she discovered that he was wearing the same shoes since November and insisted I buy him two new pairs at Stride Rite...I insisted that SHE buy them because they were $70 and I don't even own shoes that cost that much! For once, I won and JP walked out with 2 new pairs of shoes and a very happy mommy and grandma!