Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bunny Time!

So, the weekend. It is over and it was wonderful.

I got all my lawyer work done Friday afternoon just in time for my grandparents to arrive and see my office. We picked up the Landon from daycare and went to eat at our favorite Austin BBQ place (County Line, for those interested- get the ribs). I made the carrot cake and poppyseed bread Friday night and oh my goodness it was delicious! Everyone raved, especially those who didn't think they liked carrot cake and only tried it to be nice (I'm actually in that group too, but I knew my dad liked carrot cake and his birthday is tomorrow. I'm now a believer, at least in this recipe).

Saturday was a whirl of egg hunts (church and neighborhood) cooking, greeting new arrivals (parents, other set of grandparents, siblings), and decorating. I had lots of help from my mom and sister (the two great-grandmas offered lots of moral support and praise, but we decided they'd more than earned the right to watch) and everything came together perfectly.

That's the dessert spread, with the beloved water dispenser. The extended-to-seat-10 table was decorated with a matching table cloth ($5 at Ross, man I love that store), pretty pastel colored tea lights (also Ross, $2), and my wedding china. Events like this make me want to have a whole gaggle of children just to ensure the hostessing of large family gatherings for the next 50 years.

This morning we went to church where Landon refused to go in the nursery but sat somewhat quietly in our laps while munching his way through an entire bag of animal crackers. He did make two attempts to race up to the altar, but a 6'3" JP did his best to inconspicuously retrieve him to the back row where we were sitting. Landon also refused to smile for most of the morning so we didn't get a good family picture (and he was wearing a tie! and matching hat!), but he did enjoy his many walks with Papa (my dad) and all the attention from his varied relatives.

We didn't get to his Easter basket until after his nap, but he was excited about the new books and music. We also "hid" a few Easter eggs around the downstairs but at first Landon just enjoyed carrying his basket from room to room.

(basket = Hobby Lobby 50% off sale + $1 foam stickers. I'm so crafty)

But once he picked up an egg, sneakily hidden between two stair banisters, and realized people would clap for him, he got very excited about the whole thing. He even performed an Easter egg dance.

Our house was back to just the three of us by 3:30 and I accidentally fell asleep, fully clothed and shoed on top of the bed until 5. I awoke to find JP re-"hiding" Landon's eggs while he watched and clapped and then ran to collect them. I think the hunting of empty eggs is going to become a new favorite game in the Lag Liv house.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. Landon is now sleeping, a pink Easter egg clutched in his hand, JP is studying, and I've spent twenty minutes trying to work up the momentum to get up and switch the wash, but am sinking ever deeper into the couch instead. I think this Easter bunny is going to hang up her ears and go to bed. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


  1. wow great job on the basket! you are so craft~ have fun hiding easter eggs for the next two months :)

  2. Fun but exhausting! Sounds like our experience too. Isn't it fun watching them figure out the egg thing?

  3. Sounds fun! I just emailed myself the Pioneer Woman recipe. Yum. I loooove carrot cake.

  4. where did you get the water dispenser from and what model is it!?its way fancy and super cute!

  5. Have you seen bakerella's site? Her recipes look delicious and pretty. I am trying to find the perfect occasion for making the butterscotch pecan pie she posted recently.

  6. Congrats on a perfect weekend! Also: thanks for giving me the motivation to dye eggs.

    PPS- Landon is a prince!

  7. how fun!!! I'm glad you guys had such a wonderful Easter. I made Carrot Cake, too, yummy!

    BTW...LOVE Landon's curls! I haven't been here in so long and suddenly he's got that explosion of beautiful strawberry blonde whirls on his head! :)