Friday, April 10, 2009

An Explosion of To-Do Lists

I have two guests arriving in a few hours, six more guests arriving tomorrow, an Easter dinner for 10 tomorrow afternoon, a house of nine overnight, and Easter brunch for 15 on Sunday. I am also slammed with work, and was in fact working until midnight last night (with a 4-hour break for Landon's daycare Easter egg hunt and evening family time). There are post-it note to-do lists yelling at me from various spots around my desk

The remarkable thing about all of this is that I'm not particularly stressed. Work is going really, really well. I'm happy (thrilled!) to be busy, I very much like what I'm doing, and I've received a lot of praise from higher-ups not overly prone to give it. The house guests and assorted entertaining is slightly more stressful, but I love hostessing and have gotten pretty good at it. I did most of my grocery shopping last weekend, added the final few fresh items early this morning, and have detailed lists of each recipe, ingredients, and the time I need to make it. The menu is as follows:

Easter supper on Saturday afternoon: honey glazed ham, my mom's baked beans, glazed carrots, corn pudding (the most amazing recipe I must post sometime, I routinely eat this alone for dinner and Landon is obsessed with it), crescent rolls, carrot cake, angel food cake, and fresh berries and ice cream.

Easter brunch on Sunday morning: spinach quiche, bacon/onion quiche (both crustless and delicious), egg and sausage casserole, fruit, cheese, orange poppyseed bread, OJ, and of course Easter candy (especially Reese peanut butter eggs, mmmmm).

A minor hiccup is the church children's Easter egg hunt and party Saturday morning which seriously cramps my prep time, but I think as long as I have the cake baked tonight I'll be fine. And I'm very excited to watch Landon pet the baby bunnies and find little plastic eggs he refuses to let JP or I touch. He still doesn't know they open. He very jealously guarded his bucket of eggs from the daycare party yesterday and it sat right next to his crib all night. Sometime when he's not looking I need to at least remove all the chocolate so I can eat it.

The beds are made and thanks to a last minute craigslist find we can now sleep 7 in actual beds with a mattress, frame, matching sheets and everything. JP is working on the yard. The Easter Bunny has finished her shopping (Landon's too young to know he's spoiled right?). The bowl of pastel colored dark chocolate m&ms has been replenished (I ate the entire first bag myself, a fact which I find rather horrifying). The table decor has been puchased and the water dispenser will be back on the counter. Landon has agreed to put on several dancing performances. It's going to be a great, pastel colored, bunny and family-filled weekend.

I just need to get through this work to-do list first. Happy Easter weekend everyone!


  1. Wow I am impressed by everything you have to do. I think I need some of those M&Ms over here. I do have the house clean for all my guests next week and my Easter shopping done but besides that I am taking it easy. Although I think I deserve an easy weekend since I am giving birth on Monday.

  2. crossing things off the to-do list is the best feeling in the world :)

  3. How on earth do you have enough beds to sleep 7 guests?

  4. The Pioneer Woman rocks, doesn't she?

    Good luck this weekend!

    Btw...have been loving the pix of the Landon!


  5. Have fun!! I can't wait to read all about it!

  6. Sounds like an insane but super-fun weekend!!