Sunday, May 6, 2007

Law School Prom

Despite last year's disastrous prom experience (which involved me and about 2 bottles of wine...), JP decided to risk being my date one more time. Luckily, pregnancy is pretty good protection from an open bar. I'm so glad we went because we had a BLAST. Great friends, almost great food, and a really great DJ and dancing. I had a bright red dress and fantastic 3.5" gold heels. The shoes stayed on for about an hour and the rest of the night I just danced barefoot. JP loves to dance and is actually quite good at it (especially compared to his wife). We boogied down for three hours- being six months pregnant wasn't going to keep me off the dance floor! I may not be any good, but I still have fun!

Friday afternoon a bunch of us skipped class and went to the Cubs game. That was also a lot of fun- and the craziest thing happened. I went to buy a drink and heard my name being yelled above the noise of the crowd- I turned to find one of my former U.T. swim teammates! I hadn't seen her in years as she had returned home to California after college. She happened to be in Chicago for the weekend visiting her boyfriend's family and they decided to go to a Cubs game and sit 3 rows behind us in the bleachers. It was crazy! She had known JP from the team also and couldn't believe we were married and expecting a baby! It was so great to see her- it just added to the fun of the day.

This afternoon is my law school baby shower. I'm so excited (it's my first baby shower to attend ever) and I'm so lucky to have such great friends. Despite spending 5 hours in the library yesterday writing a con law response paper and getting upset over something I'm glad I decided not to blog about, this is one of the best weekends I've had in a long time!!

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