Saturday, May 19, 2007

Plugging Along

Yesterday was my last day of 2L classes. While it makes me happy to type that, it's hard to really celebrate when you only have 3 days before your 3 exams. In a burst of productivity I finished my Freedom of Religion outline yesterday. It's the shortest and easiest one to do, but still, it's something I can check off. Today I have to start and finish Rhetoric of Race beore we leave for the Jon Stewart show at4:30. That leaves 2 days for Public Land. Definitely not enough, but it's all I've got. I also have my 6th midwife appointment with glucose tolerance test on Monday and I need to run a few errands downtown (potentially impossible goal: buying a maternity swim suit that doesn't make me feel like a whale). So really, public land needs to be mostly done before my Sunday night shows.

I'm plugging along with a distinct sense of not really caring. Not the fake "I don't care" that you tell yourself to avoid panicking when deep down you know that you do. And it's not a complete lack of caring- I don't want bad grades, but despite the fact that I should be close to freaking out over how little time I have left to learn so much, I'm just chugging along in a calm manner. My public land outline may not even get done. I may not have time to memorize those religion cases. But at the moment I can't say that bothers me much. I think it's because these classes just don't sound as scary- they're not Antitrust or Admin or Securities. I have to keep reminding myself that they're worth the same number of credits and the grade matters just as much. There's a good chance I'll wake up Tuesday morning feeling a bit panicky, but for now my mind is more occupied with thoughts of the move and Texas and the baby than these pesky finals that are standing in the way of me and my crazy/fun summer.

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