Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day 1: Food, Fun, and 3" Heels

Yesterday was my first day at the Firm- I was in my office for a total of 30 minutes, ate 3+ meals, and have yet to receive my first assignment. Life as a summer associate is going to be pretty sweet. Apparently we will be taken to lunch every day and so far I have a dinner/evening event every night for the next two weeks. It's completely ridiculous and over-the-top and I cringe thinking how much money is being spent and how many other ways it could be used (like if they could just cut me a check for how much they'll spend on me this summer or if it was donated), but it's part of the system. I get to enjoy a pampered summer and then I'll bill enough to pay them back for it later- I might as well soak up the good part now.

As I remembered and hoped, the office is beautiful, the people are friendly, and everyone is either excited or unconcerned with my pregnancy (much like my law school classmates). At the dinner last night one of the partners was carrying around his 10 week old son (that part of the event was at his house) and I couldn't believe I was going to have one of those in 10 weeks. He offered to let me hold him and I actually jumped back- he looked so breakable! (and adorable, perfect, angelic, etc.). He was all curled up in his dad's arms and I started to understand how a parent could just stare at their baby for hours at a time.

I wore 3" heels for my first day which ended up being 13 hours long and I had to stand up for most of it. Surprisingly, even in the heat and humidity, my feet and I did just fine. Everyone was very impressed and they all think I'm quite tough. Today I'm going down to 2.5" and hopefully I'll be at my desk a little more as I should be getting my first work assignment. I'm actually pretty excited about it- finals were only 5 days ago, but I'm ready to think again. Just maybe not too hard.


  1. damn girl! 3" heels and being very preggo is impressive.

  2. Wow, 3" heels! You'd better get those feet up, girl! Sounds like fun so far. Hope the fun continues. :)
    P.S. I tagged you last night on my blog.