Monday, April 16, 2007

Suddenly Drowning in Assignments

Ack! I've never had an assignment due during the quarter (well, except for the legal research & writing memo and brief last year, but those were the finals for that class) and suddenly I have lots of them. As stressful and crappy as finals are, I think I prefer a horrible week full of exams over a quarter full of assignments. I'm much better under pressure and I like being able to walk out of the classroom and forget about the class.

Last night I had a 5-page response paper due in Religion. My actual response was about 1 page, so it took a while to think of 4 more pages worth of thoughts. I finished it Thursday and then completely forgot about it- I remembered at 10pm, 4 hours after the due date, and sent the professor a panicked email. I haven't heard back, so hopefully its okay. Sunday after 6pm is JP and my dinner/sunday night show time and school is the last thing on my mind. I have an "ego surfing assignment" due tomorrow for my cyber law seminar- we have to search ourselves and our professor and come up with all kinds of information about her. I consider myself fairly internet savvy but so far I've only found one thing on her list. It's all hard stuff like her siblings names, ages, and locations, a picture of her residence (after you find out her address), one of her hobbies, etc. This info is surprisingly hard to find! I found a lot on myself- including lots of old swimming articles, times, awards, etc. It was kind of fun to read them again. I'm also in a one week long financial accounting class that begins next week and we have a 150+ page reading assignment to do for the first day. I may be dropping that class- I don't really want to read 150 pages and complete a long written assignment right now. My SUBSTANTIAL PAPER is due April 30 and its probably not the best idea to have 10 extra hours of a new class (and the accompanying daily assignments) the week before the due date... Speaking of the PAPER (its in all caps because its scary and I've started having nightmares about it), I worked on it all day saturday and have 5 worthless pages written. I have collected quite a bit more research and have a slightly better clue of what I'm going to write about, but I'm not sure its possible to get it done in two weeks. Especially since I have all these other classes and assignments to deal with...

Ugh. I just want to play with my baby registry.


  1. Your quarter is sounding distressingly like my second semester of second year -- I wrote my A & B papers and took too many damn classes. Good luck!

  2. OMG I'm so sorry. You really are having a crappy quarter.

    Here's the good news: you will do GREAT on the paper, because this is you and this is how you work. And you will be SO happy during finals to not have 4 of them.

    But in the meantime? Yeah, it sucks. Good luck, and I better have GirlChild make some cookies...