Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Random Baby/Pregnancy Update

First off, I would like to apologize to those who read this because its supposed to be about law school. If I had started a blog last year it would have been ALL about law school, and it also would have been dark, gloomy, and depressing and might have scared 0L's away from law school (or at least this one). Anyway, the truth is that 2L year, while still quite hard and time consuming, is just not as ALL-consuming as 1L was. I've accepted the randomness of grading, I read cases faster and take better notes, and I don't have any double-quarter classes to cause my stress/depression levels to sky rocket. This quarter I finally picked classes that sounded interesting and really just aren't that hard, so now I can focus on what, to me, is the far more fascinating part of my life- being pregnant.

And on that note- I really look pregnant now. There are still a few tops that make me fall into the ambiguous category of pudgy v. pregnant, but any maternity top will make my baby belly quite apparent. It still surprises me when I look down in the shower and just see it there- blocking half the view of my feet. I find it very odd that it's attached to me. I've gained 13 lbs., pretty much all in my belly-region, although I swear my face is plumper. JP denies this, but that's probably out of self-preservation rather than "truthiness". I've been going to the gym several days a week and feel SO much better about myself. I walk on the treadmill or do the elliptical and lift some arm weights. Before now, I never went to the gym unless I had at least an hour to spend there because a 30-minute workout just didn't seem worth it (lots of bad logic there, but it was true). Now, 30 minutes is perfect, so I've been going much more often. There's no pressure to get a "great" workout in- I just want to use my legs and arms and feel like I still have some control over my body's appearance.

Speaking of legs and appearance... I read about how your legs can swell while pregnant and now I've seen it. I spent several hours sitting at my desk on Saturday and when I sat down on the couch afterward my legs were HUGE. They looked like giant sausages- all the way down to my feet. It was very distressing- I've never seen them look like that and I'd rather not see it again. I'm now trying to be more mobile while "studying" (looking at birth announcements on the internet)- if I drink as much water as I'm supposed to, the frequent bathroom breaks seem to do the trick.

Law school prom is coming up May 5, so I'm searching for a maternity prom dress. Did you know there are entire websites dedicated to this purpose (and even more for maternity wedding dresses)? I've found two dresses that I love at Nordstrom, they're due to arrive any day now, and I can't wait to try them on. I also have a formal wedding to attend in May, so I can wear it at least two times. I was surprised JP wanted to go to prom after my drunken-throw-up-in-the-cab-all-over-his-lap fiasco last year, but he decided that pregnancy will protect me from the perils of the open bar and he secretly loves getting dressed up and dancing.

May looks like it will be a very fun, very crazy month. I just have to get through April, with its snow and 30-page papers.


  1. I love both of those dresses!

  2. How is your BP doing? The edema would be worrying me.

    Your timing is awesome -- I started a preg update post and was too tired from not sleeping well (b/c of pregnancy) to finish it!

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