Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feeling Like a Grown-Up

JP and I started looking at life insurance documents last night. There's nothing more fun that going over charts to see how much who gets if the other dies. It's kind of awful and complicated and I'd rather just not deal with it. How do you know what policy to get? There are so many and each has different implications for the present and future- some can apparently be really good investments (am I investing in JP's and my longevity? I'm really not sure). Whenever we get out the papers I feel an urge to call my dad and have him explain it to me, but he must have figured it out by himself somehow. I know for a fact he and my mom were just as clueless as JP and I are when they had me (if not more so judging by the stories...).

We're also figuring out guardianship of the baby should both of us die (lovely thought) and getting a will written. I'm quite practical and planning for our premature deaths doesn't bother me on an emotional level, its just making me feel too grown-up-ish.

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  1. my hubby and I did term life insurance for the next 30 years - I figure after 30 years, my kids should be 20+ and able to basically be able to take care of themselves (w/o life insurance beyond what I'd leave). as young as you are, you should get a pretty good rate (less per month than a cell phone bill).