Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My Own Little (Virtual) Community

I was just reading through the excellent comments and advice I received on my last post (thank you all!), and the thought occurred to me that I don't actually know any of you.

When I was growing up in my picture-perfect suburb outside Houston, Texas, all the moms on our block would sit on lawn chairs at the end of a driveway, drinking a glass of wine in the late afternoon, and watch us kids play. I imagine they talked about babies, and sleeping, and feeding, and all sorts of other issues that I'm blogging about now. I'm sure their friendship and camaraderie kept them from going crazy as stay-at-home moms with husbands who traveled. I feel like blogging has created my own little community. My family can't quite grasp the concept of blogging, of sharing your life with total strangers, but for me it has been a very positive experience so far. I had no idea how much being pregnant would affect me and the topics I want to know about- I started this blog fully intending it to be about law school and now I've found that law school is quite secondary (sorry to those of you who have no interest in babies). People's comments on pregnancy, maternity clothes, the bar, and even the emotionally charged breastfeeding v. formula issue have been thoughtful, helpful, and supportive. I'm the first pregnant person among my friends and the only one at the law school, so I love being able to get comments and read posts from other women who currently are or recently were pregnant. I enjoy reading about other people's law school experiences and about their lives as attorneys. I like reading about their interests outside the law and take pleasure in knowing that even those who are incredibly busy have time for hobbies.

Reading other people's stories has become a part of my day. I look forward to posting about our son's arrival, about being a 3L, about balancing the bar exam and a baby, and about being a working mom- and I look forward even more to reading your comments and advice on all of those topics. So basically this is just a thank you post- thanks for reading about my life and sharing yours!


  1. It's a double-edged sword, though, which is why I've started taking my blog down, piece by piece.

    The internet is forever. Or at least until the robots take over and wipe out all the hard drives. :)

  2. ...i came through your site through bengali chick's and have been a lurker thus far...but just wanted to say, i love reading your thoughts/views though i'm neither a law student nor a mommy (yet)...you are also very thoughtful in the way you air your views and it's a pleasure reading what you have to say...


  3. the community aspect has been helpful and its why i've kept up with the blogging; but i've been struck by the sword of which meg speaks in the past.

  4. wow. my inner grammar teacher just choked at what i wrote in my last comment. never comment trying to keep a toddler from pressing keys.

  5. Ditto on virtual communities - it is nice to get some frank advice, because none of my law friends are pregnant and few of my outside-law friends have kids either. I'm definitely one of the first, so it's nice to hear people's thoughts on the 'net.

    Besides, I can say things I'd never say in my life. As for bar courses, well I will be doing mine this summer, so maybe I'll have some more words of wisdom then, though I think our system is quite different.