Thursday, April 26, 2007

25 weeks, 20 pounds, and 21 pages

Today I start week 26 of my pregnancy. JP felt the baby move last night for the first time- his first response was "weird!" but I know he was quite tickled by the experience. He kept his hand on my belly all night and this morning. I really need to come up with either a utero name or an official blog name for the baby. We've already named him and call him by name whenever we talk about him, but I'm not sure I'm going to use it on the blog. I'm getting tired of typing "the baby".

This morning when I stepped on the scale it informed me that I have gained 20 lbs. That's a lot! It's not that its so much for where I am in my pregnancy, it's just a lot of weight in general (picture two 10-lb hand weights at the gym). The poundage is still rapidly increasing, but I'm hoping it will start to taper off soon (back to 1 lb. a week rather than 2-2.5 lbs a week). My constant hunger has become irritating- it gets in the way of my productive studying time. It's a rare and exciting occasion when I am in the zone and getting through my reading assignments without internet-surfing breaks. Now whenever that happens, I am invariably Starving twenty minutes later and need to find food. Since our law school food sucks, I have to roam all around campus in search of nourishment- or I just go home where I am less productive, but have a fridge and pantry only a few feet away. On Tuesday I was stood outside the closed doors of an undergraduate dining hall until they opened at 4:45pm (my new dinner time)- I was the first one in!

The PAPER is slowing getting done- 21 of the required 25 pages are filled in. I can't even say "written" because it doesn't deserve such high praise. I should be embarrassed to turn it in, but it's submitted by email and I really don't care a whole lot about the class or topic. Of course the weather this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous- I'm determined not to spend all of it in the library. The paper is due Monday (not sure what time- does that mean before midnight? before 5pm? no idea.) and I'm hoping to have it done Saturday so I can play (shop) on Sunday. I need to find the perfect pair of earrings for my prom dress and Michigan Avenue will be calling to me on Sunday when its 70 degrees and sunny.


  1. Oh my gosh, 26 weeks! I felt like I just started reading your blog and you were just pregnant. Jeez, time really flies!

    You definitely need a baby name for the blog. I call the unborn tubby or Benjabi.

  2. I think there's a rule about nice weather and papers. When I was finishing up my A paper, I was in Nevada (sun every day, dry heat, gorgeous blue skies) and I was holed up in a dark room with my laptop. Ugh.

    But it feels so wonderful to be done!

  3. PS: I keep wanting to slip and stop using our in utero name -- as soon as we knew the baby's sex, we started referring to her by her given name!

    You could just use the first letter of his name; even in conversation I'll say "E" instead of "Gemini" now.