Sunday, February 18, 2007

Video Cameras

JP and I are in the market for a video camera. Because all technological purchases fall under my jurisdiction, I am doing the research and deciding what to buy. So far I've figured out there are miniDV, DVD, and digital camcorders- what I can't figure out is which one is best for us. Simplicity is key- I enjoy editing things when I have the time, but in general I just want to be able to film something and then have it to keep and play back whenever (and mail to the new grandparents after the baby is born). Do you have to transfer the stuff recorded on a miniDV camcorder to a real DVD? This makes me think I just want to record straight onto a mini DVD and be done with it.

Do any of you own/use a camcorder? What do you like/not like about your typeand brand? Any recommendations?


  1. I assigned this task to my husband -- one of the better bargains he found was the Samsung HD camera. It has mixed reviews in low light, but I've yet to see a camcorder do well in low light.

    All I know is that I am SO over using anything with media -- tape, DVD, whatever. It complicates the process. I have a great JVC, but the damn thing uses tapes, and it drives me nuts.

  2. MiniDV tapes have to be transferred to DVDs. This, however, is the same with any sort of media--even with your digital camera, you have to download the information from your flash disk or whatever to the computer.

    Keep in mind that Mini DVDs will NOT work in slot-loading drives, only tray-loading drives.

    All that being said, we have a Canon MiniDV camera that we love. We have not, however, done anything serious with the material we've filmed; it's just sitting on our miniDV tapes still. Eek.