Saturday, February 3, 2007

So Sick

I had a very bad case of mono my freshman year of college. My throat developed a severe infection and nearly swelled shut- I spent over a week in the hospital unable to swallow, talk, or eat. It sucked (although it did help me lose the weight I'd gained since college began- and then some), and ever since I get random throat infections. My throat will start to tingle/itch, then I'll feel it start to swell. It hurts to breathe (especially at night) and swallow. There's pretty much nothing I can do for it but take Advil and wait for the swelling to go away. I don't have a cough or cold, so that kind of medicine is ineffective and unnecessary.

Yesterday after lunch I started to feel that familiar tingle. I was at a library way across campus from the law school (the law school library is now totally ineffective for making me study). It was about 6 degrees outside and I was building up the courage to face the frigid weather. Courage failed me, it got dark, and I decided I wasn't leaving the warm building- even though I was getting hungry and my throat hurt. Hours went by and finally JP left work and took pity on me by driving all the way down to Hyde Park, an extra 30 min. added on to his nearly 45 min. commute, to take me to my car. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home for chicken noodle soup ingredients. I found this recipe online- Very yummy and Very fast!

It doesn't look like I'm supposed to be taking Advil while I'm pregnant- although every site says something different and most just say its bad for the 3rd trimester- so I've been taking only 2, twice a day (normally I'd be taking 5, every few hours). I'm drinking tea, sucking on numbing cough drops, wearing PJ's, and not leaving the apartment until Monday.


  1. Don't take Advil- take Tylenol. It's safe for pregnancy.

  2. I know Tylenol is safe, but I'm taking it for swelling and inflammation which only Advil helps. I talked my friend's dad who is an OB, and he said before the 3rd trimester taking Advil for a few days is safe.