Tuesday, February 27, 2007

16 week (and 5 day) Update

Today was our third prenatal appointment- I went alone this time b/c JP already heard the heartbeat and the ultrasound isn't until the next appointment (yay!). Even though we're past the risky first trimester and everything has been going smoothly, I still get incredibly nervous before an appointment. I think its because if I am every going to get bad news, it would be the day of an appointment when the midwife couldn't find the heartbeat. On the way to the Playboy Headquarters this morning (where my OB practice is located), I was even planning out the blog post that would share my bad news. Totally useless- I'm certain that planning it out wouldn't make it one iota easier to write or endure, but its what I do. I think of the worst thing that could happen and then I think about the steps I would take afterward. So after that morbid introduction, I'll get to point of this post- everything looks GREAT with the baby.

S/he has a strong 151 bpm heartbeat- lots of whooshing which my midwife let me listen to for a while. Its so amazing- there's really a little person in there. Despite the fact that my body is changing- my boobs are (way) bigger, my jeans don't fit, I'm always tired, and my hormones are completely out of control- I sometimes forget I'm really growing a baby. I still haven't felt him or her kick, so I only get proof every 4 weeks. I also got a lot of blood drawn for the 2nd trimester genetic screening test- we should get those results back in a week. Once again, even though I have no reason to worry (we're both young and have no family history), I get nervous. I scheduled the ultrasound appointment for March 21st- we can't wait! Not only will it be great to see the baby again (last time we couldn't see much because I had a tipped uterus), but we can stop saying "it" and "the baby" and I can stop typing "s/he" and "him or her". Why don't we have a gender-neutral personal pronoun? I also scheduled an appointment with an internist for this Thursday- I've been having absolutely horrific headaches that last between 1-3 days. I have a history of headaches, but haven't felt anything like this since high school. My midwife said there are several prescriptions that are perfectly safe during pregnancy, so I'm looking forward to getting something- I can barely speak when my head is pounding like that, much less study.

I took the rest of the day off- I'd already missed all my classes, so why not? "Maybe because finals are 11 days away?" said the studious angel on my shoulder. I quickly swatted him away with my Victoria's Secret shopping bag. I had a lunch with a friend who goes to Northwestern Law- she's a 1L and seems SO much happier than I was last year. SO much. Why didn't I apply there? Anyway, we went to Water Tower Place and had a delicious lunch and then shopped a little. She had to go to class and then I walked to Old Navy and bought two really cute skirts and tops- both "non-maternity" but stretchy and almost identical to the maternity clothes on the third floor. My birthday money is quickly disappearing. I ordered 3 things from Isabella Oliver over the weekend with bday money from my in-laws. I got this top in teal, this one in white, and this skirt in black. Gorgeous- I can't wait to get them in the mail, especially the teal one! I read a bunch of reviews online about the company and clothes and everything was very positive. Its way outside my normal price range, but if its high quality, comfortable, and makes me feel good, I think its worth it. And the total was almost exactly what my in-laws sent, so I consider it a special birthday extravagance.

My firm this summer is "business dress", i.e. dress slacks, collared shirt, and sport coat for men and something equivalent for women. I'm going to have to find some nice maternity clothes that will fit in the 3rd trimester and be comfortable in Austin, Texas heat. Any ideas where to find such magical garments?


  1. Well, it's super-spendy for clothes that you can only wear when pregnant, but Mimi Maternity seems to have a good selection of "career wear." Best of all, there's one in the Arboretum, so you can get some Amy's Ice Cream and add to your maternity wardrobe all at once! There might also be a Mimi in Barton Creek Square, but I haven't been there in a while so I'm not sure about that.

  2. With my migraines (bad before pregnancy and occasionally intolerable during the second trimester), the peris have given me Fiorcet, which is some Tylenol, barbituate, caffeine concoction. It helps a little. When the pain is so bad I end up in tears, they say narcotics, because occasional use doesn't hurt the baby. (The only danger is addiction, which occasional use won't do.)

    I'm sorry you're suffering the headaches, too. The peris are sending me to a neurologist who specializes in pregnant women with migraines, so after that appointment, maybe I'll have more info.

    I found my maternity suit jacket at Mimi. $128 for a not-greatly-made jacket, but it's a really great cut.

  3. Hi, I just found your blog while surfing around this morning. I am 23 weeks pregnant (just found out it's another girl!) and I suffer from the paranoia as well. When my doc asked me to do the quad-marker test, I didn't sleep for a week, because I was SOOO nervous (not that I'm able to sleep much anyway...).

    I'm also having the daily migraines. My Dr tells me that I'm fine and to take tylenol, but next visit I'm putting my foot down because tylenol just isn't cutting it. In my 1st pregnancy, I was told that vicoden is ok occasionally. I've also heard from medical pals that fioricet is a pretty common preggo-lady migraine medication. The only thing negative I can find on the internet is that it can be addicting (duh). One of my friends who recently delivered swears by going to the chiropractor - it really helped her preggo migraines.

    I too am in a business professional environment. I don't have the ability to spend large amounts of money on my clothes, so I bargain shop. My faves are Target, Kohls, and Ross. They have a great selection and killer prices, so you get more clothes for less money!

    Anyhew... nice to meet you... I'll probably pop by again soon!