Monday, February 5, 2007


What was a swollen throat is now a full blown cold. How can a person use up 2 boxes of kleenex in 2 days? Where does it all come from?! Surely I must run out at some point. My nose is bright pink from all the blowing and my throat is still sore and swollen. Everyone seems to yell at me when I think of taking something (everyone being random internet message boards- they were my company at 3am when I couldn't sleep), so I've just been waiting it out.

I called my midwife this morning and she approved Sudafed and Robitussin. I trust her and the practice and am elated to have some helpful drugs in my system. It's amazing how many people will condemn that advice! On so many message boards, one poor sick mom would post that she was drowning in her own head (my interpretation of her post) and people would yell at her for trying to take anything. One sudafed and YOU'RE HARMING THE BABY AND HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF?! Ugh. It's my fault for reading them and getting irritated, but why must people be so judgmental? If your doctor has told you not to take something, then pass that along, but don't yell just because you abstained from all non-natural products and never left your house while gestating your child. Then women would start yelling at each other in the comments. Mom A says "my doctor told me sudafed was safe." Mom B says/yells "NO! You can't take that - it will cause your child to have 3 heads and a low IQ". Anyway... I got my sound medical advice and I hope all those other sick moms did too.

I'm now watching "The Little Mermaid"surrounded by Kleenex, a giant bottle of Purell, tea, and cough drops. I need someone to venture out into the -4 weather to buy me more kleenex, I'm quickly using up my last box!

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