Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm 24

Today is my 24th birthday- that sounds both young and old at the same time. Right up to my 21st birthday, I anxiously counted down the days until I was a year older. There was counting down to get my driving permit at 15, license at 16, being an adult at 18, and legally drinking alcohol at 21. Now my birthday kind of sneaks up on me. I'm not old enough to dread it, but I'm not young enough to count down, and I'm starting to wish I hadn't spent so much time counting down in the past. On her 24th, my friend MP said, "I'm halfway between 18 and 30." Interesting way to think about it- for me, 30 feels a lot closer than 18. So much has happened in the last 6 years- graduating high school, quitting swimming, graduating college, getting married, moving to Chicago, starting law school, getting pregnant- that high school part seems very far away. I wonder what the next 6 will bring (besides baby #1)!

And because it's a birthday, and I just found these on a picture CD (I'm organizing old stuff- anything to avoid studying), some baby LL pics.

Here I master the art of rainbow order, an essential life skill:

And I still do not like to be awoken from a nap:

"Wake me and I'll squirt you"


  1. Happy birthday to a fellow Pieces! LOVE the baby pics. :)

    My birthdays never seemed to mean much to me -- but my younger siblings did. Turning thirty was nothing, but my sister turning thirty? Eek! Now that made me feel old.